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Trenchless Sewer Lines in Indianapolis

There are many plumbers to choose from in the Indianapolis area, and most of them will probably do an acceptable job for most minor plumbing repairs and installations. However, when you need your sewer line repaired, there is no better plumber for the job than that of Mr. Rooter. While Mr. Rooter of Indianapolis continues to be the most trusted plumbing company in the area by both home and business owners for all their plumbing needs, Mr. Rooter has gone above and beyond their usual quality service and customer loyalty to offer the latest technique in sewer line repair. In previous years, plumbers were forced to completely destroy your yard and landscaping when making even the simplest of sewer line repairs, due to the fact that a backhoe was used to dig up the dirt to expose the sewer line. Next, the problem was located and repaired and then the dirt was replaced. This left home owners with the added expense and stress of repairing their yard along with the cost of having their sewer line repaired. Today, you can trust in the up to date knowledge and skills that Mr. Rooter brings to each and every job and having the tools and experience to perform trenchless sewer line repair is just one of the many ways we earn your business every single time you call.

Not all plumbers in the Indianapolis area are equipped and educated in how to do trenchless sewer line repair. These techniques require that the plumbers have extensive training, acquire the correct tools and equipment and have the experience to do it correctly, leaving behind the most minimal of damage to your yard. If a plumber with less know-how attempted trenchless sewer line repair, further damage could be done to not only your yard but also to your sewer line, leaving you with the possible replacement of the entire system. Mr. Rooter of Indianapolis is proud to have dedicated ourselves to countless hours of training and equipping ourselves with the best tools for the job so that we can confidently offer this one of a kind service to our customers, new and old. Our customers know we are dedicated to everything they may need in plumbing services and this includes everything from experience to excellent customer service no matter what your plumbing problem may be.

Sewer lines become injured because of several factors. Tree roots can break through the sewer line, as well as settling dirt can cause them to crack. Sometimes, it is just a matter of that your sewer line is older and wasn’t made from the strong materials that are used today by Mr. Rooter plumbers. When you need your sewer line repaired, there are two different trenchless methods that will be considered by our expert technicians. We will use specialized video inspection cameras to actually view where and what the damage is so that we can make an educated decision as to how to proceed. Depending upon the damage, the location and the extent of the problem, we will decide which one is best for your sewer line problem. The two different methods are pipe replacement and pipe relining.

Sewer line pipe replacement is typically used if the damage is covering a large section of pipe. With this method, a new sewer line is inserted into the existing sewer line, which is broken up by the newer and sturdier pipe. There is no need to remove the broken pipe once the new one is in place. Once we connect the new sewer line pipe at both ends, your sewer line will be ready for use. This method is also used if your sewer line is small and not adequate for your family’s use, as many older sewer lines tend to be.

Sewer line pipe relining is usually used if the area of damage is small or not as serious. When this method is decided on, a pliable material is inserted into the pipe and then an inflatable tube is placed within the sewer line. The tube is then inflated and left in place until the pliable material hardens and becomes the lining of your new sewer line pipe. The inflatable tube is removed and your sewer line is ready to be used.

Mr. Rooter of Indianapolis is proud to offer all of our services, but we are especially proud to offer trenchless sewer line repair. This allows us to get our job done without leaving behind a mess for our customers after their sewer lines are repaired. When you need your sewer line repaired, remember the friendly and knowledgeable team of technicians at Mr. Rooter!

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