HydroScrub® Jetting

Are your drains running slowly? Do they seem to consistently become clogged? That could be a sign of buildup in the pipes of your plumbing system. Instead of letting the pipes continue to clog and increase in backing up your lines, there is a better way! Call Mr. Rooter of Houston and ask about our commercial HydroScrub® Jetting services.

Mr. Rooter drain using a Hydroscrub Jet

What Is HydroScrub®?

HydroScrub® is a way to clear your pipes without using a drain snake. This allows for cleaner pipes with lasting results. Instead of simply removing the blockage, HydroScrub Jetting cleans the pipes, cleaning out years of grime and sludge, and giving your pipes new life. Your pipes will operate more reliably than they ever have before, leaving you with a draining system that will perform at a high level, like they are supposed to, for many years to come.

How Does HydroScrub® Work?

With Hydro Jetting we use highly-pressurized water to break down and remove buildup within your pipes. We insert the hose, with an industrial-strength nozzle into the cleanout, an opening downstream from your plumbing system, and push 18 gallons of water a minute at 3500 PSI! When we are done cleaning your pipes, they will be back to a good-as-new state. Helping your drain system run like it's supposed to.

Is HydroScrub® great for both residential & commercial jobs?

Yes! Our industrial strength nozzle is adaptable for any pipe size. Giving you the peace of mind that your plumbing system will run smoothly for many years to come. Every plumbing system, residential & commercial can benefit from the high level of cleaning the HydroScrub technology provides.

Why HydroScrub® Surpasses Conventional Cable Methods?

While using conventional cleaning methods, blocked drains only become partially cleaned by opening a small hole within the blockage, which allows the drain to function. HydroScrubbing doesn’t just allow your drain to function again, it completely restores your drain and your plumbing system performance. When you have your drain blockage HydroScrubbed, it helps prevent future problems by completely clearing out the current one. Not much will be left behind in your drain once you use HydroScrub. This ensures fast-draining systems that function better than they have in years!

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