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Why Is My Plumbing So Noisy?

Feb 29, 2016

When you turn the faucet on, you expect water to come out. But, sometimes, you get more than you expected. Sometimes, you get a loud banging noise along with the water that comes out of the faucet. There are many reasons that your plumbing is making a loud noise. Some of them are serious...Read more

How To Keep Your Toilet From Breaking

Feb 15, 2016

According to a study done by the National Association of Home Builders, the toilets inside of your home have an unlimited lifespan, but the components inside of the tank that make the toilet flush will wear down over time.

In other words, the mechanisms inside of your toilet should be...Read more

Child-Proofing Your Bathrooms For Safety

Jan 31, 2016

Inside of your home is where you feel the safest throughout your day. After braving the treacherous winter temperatures, the road conditions, and weather, coming home to a safe and warm place is the best ending to the day. But, being thoughtful about safety should not stop just because...Read more

Make A Resolution To Save Water This Year

Jan 11, 2016

Making resolutions for the New Year is a fun activity during these few weeks. Many people announce their intended resolutions at holiday parties. Some people actually follow through and start their promises while others never even start.

Resolutions run the gamut from promising to eat...Read more

How To Handle A Holiday Plumbing Emergency

Dec 17, 2015

During the holiday season most people are busily running around trying to get meals prepared and gifts wrapped. This is the time of year when people will host dinner parties or, have out of town guests stay for overnight visits.

When you are trying to prepare or clean up a meal for...Read more

Add These Water-Saving Items To Your Holiday Shopping List

Dec 2, 2015

Every holiday season people spend more than $400 on gifts for their friends and family. But, what if some of that money could be treated as an investment to benefit the environment and monthly utility bills?

This time of year, there are sales and discounts all over town. It seems that...Read more

5 Tips For Getting Your Bathroom Plumbing In Top Shape!

Nov 5, 2015

When soap, body wash, and shaving cream rinse down the drain they are thin and liquid because they are hot from the temperature of the water. But, once inside of the drain these products begin to dry out and become hardened. Their texture is similar to paper mache and they will quickly trap...Read more

Common Toilet Problems You Can Do

Aug 18, 2015

Many people are understandably reluctant to touch the water in a toilet. With a few precautions, however, contact with unsanitary water can be avoided. Water from the toilet bowl cannot back up into the tank; water in the tank is just as clean as water...Read more

Cleaning A Kitchen Faucet Sprayer

Jun 7, 2015

A pull-out spray faucet is a hand-held sprayer you can pull out from the main or auxiliary spout on the kitchen faucet. Indeed, in many sinks so...Read more

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