Sewer Line Cleaning, Repair & Installation in Houston

If you do not have a septic and drain field system, then it is most likely that you are connected to the city’s main sewer lines located just under your streets. Although the main lines are the government’s problem, an issue with your portion of the Houston sewer line arises; it is your responsibility to get it fixed. When such problems happen, call on Mr. Rooter for help. We specialize in all things sewer – from cleaning and repairs and even installation.

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Sewer Line Cleaning

Sewer line blockages can be caused by a variety of things. For one, there are roots from nearby trees and shrubs that crawl their way into your sewer lines as they search for water sources. Other household items like paper towels, fat and grease, and even children’s toys sometimes find themselves stuck in the pipes.

These blockages can result in wastewater backing up into your homes, causing a huge inconvenience especially when you really need to use the toilet. For such predicaments, you need a Houston plumbing company that has all the right tools and knowledge necessary to clear these annoying blockages – a plumbing company like Mr. Rooter. From power snakes to hydro jets, we have them all. There is basically no stoppage that we cannot remove.

Sewer Line Repair

Aside from stoppages, sewer lines develop other problems over time, predominantly cracks and leaks. These leaks allow wastewater to seep into the walls, floors, and even into the foundation of the house or property, compromising its structural integrity.

Aside from that, these sewage leaks can mix with groundwater and cause contamination. Thus, for your property and health’s sake, get your pipes inspected and fixed by Mr. Rooter. We can find the root of the problem with our video camera inspection and repair your pipes with our non-invasive sewer line repair methods. Our hydro jetters can remove up to 96% of drain line debris, and we offer camera inspections free of charge on all pipes 2” and larger.

Sewer Line Installation

There are many reasons why you need a new sewer line installed. For one, you may be planning to add a new bedroom or kitchen and your existing sewer lines may not be enough to service your growing needs. Another reason may be that your present sewer lines are beyond repair. Whatever your reason may be, Mr. Rooter has all the expertise needed to efficiently and effectively, and at an affordable rate. All pipe replacements are taken care of by a 10-year, full replacement warranty.

For all your Houston sewer line cleaning, repair, and installation needs, you can depend on Mr. Rooter for all of them.

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