Houston Sewer System Backups

There are several things that can cause extreme destruction to your plumbing system including tree roots & debris. At Mr. Rooter we specialize in sewer system services, including repair of damage caused by things like tree roots. Our plumbers have experience in every part of your sewer system and clearing sewer system backups is just part of what our highly-experienced technicians handle.

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How Will I Know If I Have a Sewer System Backup?

  • Water will backup in a sink drain, toilet or shower.
  • Multiple drains will backup in your home
  • Drains or outside sewer lines will smell like sewage.
  • Toilet problems of any kind can be a sign
  • Sounds coming from your drains (gurgling noise)
  • Puddles around floor drains

Tree Root Intrusion Solutions

  • Drain Cleaning: The first step is punching through the tree root or clog so the line can function again. Once completed we will check the extent of damage caused by the root and recommend a permanent solution if needed.
  • Hydrojetting: We will use pressurized water jets to clean the pipe and remove any tree roots, debris or other buildup.
  • Maintenance: Stay protected with inspections and drain cleaning programs to keep your drain clear of debris.

When Should You Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing?

If you are experiencing any type of sewer backup it is good to contact Mr. Rooter immediately. Even if you think it is an isolated case, better safe than sorry! At first, our plumbers will try to open the drain with a cable device or special auger. If that doesn’t work, we will look at more advanced methods. The rule of thumb is, if you are having drains backup in your home, it is best to have a licensed plumber come inspect your plumbing system. In most cases, a clogged or slow-draining drain is a warning sign something bigger may be brewing.

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