Turning Your Memphis Home into a Rental? Here’s How to Prepare the Plumbing System

Turn Home into Rental
Whether you’re looking for a way to expand into the entrepreneurial life, earn extra money, or you are waiting to sell your home until the market turns around, there are naturally going to be risks. Potential strangers will be living there after all, and you don’t know their lifestyle habits. Much like lending out any valuable possession, you’ll want to prepare adequately to get your home ready to handle new tenants. Not only will it keep tenants safer, but it also helps to keep future repair costs down.

Many landlords starting out will begin their careers in real estate by turning their homes into rental properties. But before doing so, there are specific steps to take.

Get Ready for Renters With These Plumbing Tips

Before anyone signs a rental agreement for your home, you are responsible for repairing any plumbing issues so that you are in compliance with health, safety, and building requirements. Plus, in order to set a competitive rental price and build strong relationships with tenants and the community, a few upgrades to your home get you started on the right foot.

Repair Existing Pipe Leaks

Even the tiniest, most seemingly insignificant hairline crack in a pipe will cause problems down the line. From persistent water drips ruining structures to the risk of an eventual pipe burst that causes a flood, it’s safest to inspect for and repair any leaks.

Plus, this maintenance step helps to prevent potentially toxic mold growth. It does not take long for mold to begin growing in dark, damp environments with organic materials. Eventually, you’ll have an infestation on your hands, which not only creates damage to structures but also takes a toll on the health of building inhabitants.

Replace Shower & Bathtub Seals

As a preventative measure especially if there is already an issue with excessive humidity or wetness in the bathroom, you should consider replacing shower and tub seals to confine bathing water where it belongs.

Inspect Metal Pipes

It’s common for metal pipes, particularly in older homes, to run into problems with time. Galvanized steel pipes corrode, while copper pipes tend to have issues with hard water leaks. But there are several types of pipes used in homes now, each with individual pros and cons.

Protect From Pests

Whether it’s drain flies, termites, or some other pest that invades your home, you’ll need to address this thoroughly before renting. From eliminating stagnant water in drains to repairing pipe leaks and storing wood away from your home, there are several steps you can take to both understand the source of these invaders and protect your home’s plumbing.

Clean the Drains

Take some time to give your drains and toilets a good flush with half a cup of vinegar to freshen them up and help remove bacteria. Drain cleaning also includes your gutters and downspouts, since you won’t’ want them to clog and overflow on your new tenants.

Check the Water Heater

Testing the heater to make sure it works properly will be the first step. To see if it’s working effectively, turn on the hot water to all faucets and showers and time how long it takes for the water to get hot and stay that way. This is a good time to also inspect the color of the water and treat it if necessary to remove hard water sediment buildup. Lastly, check the heater visually for any leaks, rust, or potential problems that should be addressed by professionals.

Check the Washing Machine

Some of the frequent issues that should be addressed include:

  • Blockages in the washer outlet hose prevent it from draining
  • A clog in the inlet hose stopped the machine from filling with water
  • Finding that clothing is damaged or has a foul smell after washing
  • The machine stops running before the cycle is actually complete

As an appliance that will be highly used, be sure to inspect the washing machine and arrange for any necessary repairs. The MrRooter of Memphis team is happy to help make sure that you are set up for success with your rental journey with complete inspections and comprehensive repair services on your schedule, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like assistance! With support from a nationally recognized brand, we are local to Memphis, meaning we understand the various permit requirements in the area and can recommend the best upgrades for both curb appeal and smart investment based on location.