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Faucets Dripping? Pipes Spilling? We'll Find and Fix It!

Leaking pipes start small, but they turn into big problems. Many homeowners think they can fix them with a toolbox, a few hours with a wrench, and some elbow grease. That misguided thinking leads to burst pipes and costly damages. You can't just brush them under the rug either, as leaking pipes can eat away at your plumbing by eroding and rusting it over time. The best course of action, when you find leaking pipes in your home is to get in touch with a local, qualified Memphis plumber who is capable of providing experienced leaking pipe repair services.

If you need plumbing leak repair or a wide range of other residential and commercial plumbing services, count on the reliable team of professional plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Memphis. We have the skill, training and equipment to keep your entire plumbing system working perfectly so you don't have to worry about aggravating, unexpected malfunctions. Call us to get in touch with our skilled, reliable plumbers and fix your broken pipes! From leaky faucets to pipe bursts and other types of water leaks, we’ll fix it!

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Our Trusted Leaking Pipe Repair Services

Everyone uses their water supply lines and wastewater disposal lines numerous times every day, but of course, not everyone has the plumbing skills to address the problems that can inevitably crop up due to wear and tear deterioration and other factors. That's why it feels so disruptive and frustrating to discover that you need leaking pipe repair, especially if you're not sure where to turn for help. Our trustworthy team of plumbers can diagnose the problem correctly, come up with an effective solution, and carry out plumbing leak repair work that has long-lasting, safe results.

When you call the plumbing professionals at Mr. Rooter, you can rest assured we will never apply a "bandaid solution" or temporary repair that is just going to break down in a few weeks or months and leave you with even more expense and stress to cope with. When you call us for leaking pipe repair, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing a qualified plumber will arrive as soon as possible to stop the leak, save your home from serious water damage and restore your plumbing system to functioning condition so your household can get back to its daily routines.

Trenchless Plumbing Leak Repair

The best solution for leaking pipe repair depends on the nature of the leak and our findings during a video inspection. Sometimes a compression fitting or coupling just needs to be tightened or adjusted, but if you're dealing with problems such as a burst pipe or tree root intrusion in a drain pipe that is buried underground, a trenchless leaking pipe repair method such as pipe lining is likely the correct course of action.

Pipelining is a non-invasive plumbing leak repair method that doesn't require a trench to be dug in order to access a buried sewer line. That means the process is much faster and less laborious than it would be if trench digging was necessary. A fabric or fiber sleeve soaked in epoxy resin is inserted into the damaged line with an inflatable tube inside it. Once the sleeve is in place, the tube is inflated to push it against the walls of the existing pipe. After the epoxy is fully hardened and cured, the inflatable tub is removed, and there is basically a brand-new tub inside the old one. The epoxy resin is durable and long-lasting, and it's resistant to future problems like tree root intrusion.

Call Our Plumbing Leak Repair Experts for Leaking Pipe Repair

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Memphis has on-call plumbing leak repair experts who will show up in uniform, on time, and ready to get to work. When we’re done, we’ll clean up our workspace and leave your home spotless and better than it was when we found it. At every step of the way, we’ll show you our scope of work, what needs doing, and how to prevent further leaks from popping up in the future.

We also provide numerous other plumbing services for the rest of your plumbing system, from plumbing installation and water heater replacement to clogged drain cleaning and water line repair. Call to speak with a knowledgeable customer service rep and hire skilled, licensed plumbers for leaking pipe repair and other plumbing repair, installation and maintenance services!

FAQs: Leaking Pipe Repair Service

What Should You Do if Your Pipes Are Leaking?

The best thing you can do when you discover leaking pipes in your home is to call a leaking pipe repair plumbing expert. The longer it goes unfixed, the more problems it’ll cause over time, and they will snowball until they become more unmanageable.

There are a few things you can do to make things easier when one of our plumbing experts comes to repair your leaking pipes to make things go smoothly:

  • Apply silicone tape, fiberglass tape or plumbing epoxy putty to any visible pinhole leaks
  • Turn off the water supply to prevent further damage
  • Pull furniture and fixtures away from leak areas to prevent further damage

Is the City of Memphis Responsible for Leaking Pipe Repair?

When they discover an issue that requires leaking pipe repair, homeowners sometimes assume that the city will have to take care of the situation—but this is a common misconception when it comes to leaks that are on your property. If the leak occurs on municipal water or sewer lines, the city is responsible for the repair. But leaky pipes on private property are the responsibility of the property owner, including buried lines up to the border of your property.

What Are the Warning Signs You Need Leaking Pipe Repair?

Water damage often starts out slow and gets progressively worse over time. It can spiral out of control much faster than you may think and cause severe damage to the structural integrity of your home. Anyone who has ever had to deal with extensive water damage restoration will tell you it's well worth avoiding the expense and hassle if you can, and one of the best ways to do that is by being aware of the signs you may have a leak and acting on them sooner rather than later.

Some of the most common warning signs that you have a pipe leak include:

  • Drop in water pressure
  • The water meter is still running while all plumbing fixtures are shut off
  • Charges on water bills have suddenly spiked upward
  • Sound of running or dripping water from behind walls or floors
  • Water stains or softened drywall on walls or ceiling
  • Discolored water (rusty look)
  • Puddles under or near plumbing fixtures
  • Shower leaks (shower head, faucet)
  • Musty odors and other bad smells
  • Mold growth in damp areas
  • Soggy or muddy patches on the lawn
  • Leaky washing machine hose clogged hose
  • Signs of a foundation slab leak

How Can the Need for Future Plumbing Leak Repair Be Prevented?

The most effective way to prevent future leaks and the destruction that can be caused by a leaking pipe is by investing in regular, professional services for plumbing maintenance. Most lines are damaged by wear and tear damage that slowly builds over time and causes deterioration. Homeowners and business owners can prevent unpleasant plumbing problems with regular drain cleaning and plumbing tune-ups. But regular maintenance from a reliable technician doesn't just help you avoid needing leaking pipe repair. It also keeps your lines in great condition so they last significantly longer before they need to be replaced, and it gives your local Memphis plumber regular opportunities to spot possible issues and squash them before they can cause any trouble for your household or disrupt your routines.

Want to Avoid Costly Repairs in the Future? Trust Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Memphis for Effective Leaking Pipe Repair!

If you've got a suspicion that you need leaking pipe repair in Memphis or a nearby area such as Bartlett, Lakeland or Germantown, our friendly customer service representatives are waiting for your call. Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing’s professional team at or schedule an appointment online, and we’ll stop your pipes from dripping in no time! Sign up for routine plumbing inspections and rely on an expert plumber to spot hidden leaks before they wreak havoc on your home.

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