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Your drains are an important part of a clean, healthy home. Leaving them unchecked may mean your sinks become smelly, your tub turns into a permanent wading pool, and your guest bathroom is something that scares your visitors away. The simple solution? Regular drain cleaning, Memphis! It’s a no-brainer for locals looking to keep their homes comfortable and sanitary, and it can even help prevent plumbing nightmares from taking place, such as sewer line backup, water cleanup, and stubborn drain clogs.

Mr. Rooter Plumber cleaning a drain

If you’re ready to add this easy form of preventative maintenance to your annual to-do list, trust your local Memphis plumber for the job. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Memphis knows that your drains take a beating each and every day. From dirty hair to grease and oil, the drains and pipes in your home or business build up with various debris over time, which can lead to much bigger problems.

Our skilled professional plumbers in Memphis, TN, are here to unclog your drains right away, and with our wide range of services, we can deliver the top-notch results you are looking for. Ready to schedule drain cleaning in Memphis? Give our knowledgeable customer service team a call.


About Our Memphis Drain Cleaning Services

If you have concerns about the condition of your drains, or if you haven’t hired a professional to clean them in longer than you can remember, we highly recommend you seek out our certified plumbers for drain cleaning, Memphis! Why are we so adamant about this particular service? Because we’ve seen it all. With our 24/7 emergency service, we’ve seen the aftermath that comes from not taking the measures necessary to prevent big problems like clogs, leaks, and sewer backups. While there are other reasons why these disasters happen, more often than not, if Memphis residents had only cleaned their drains more regularly, they wouldn’t be calling us in need of immediate attention. Of course, if a serious plumbing problem does happen, we’ll be there.

Wondering how we handle regular drain cleaning? Memphis homeowners can read on to discover more about how our services work.


Inspection will always be the first part of the Memphis drain cleaning process. It’s key to finding out exactly what’s in your drains and their condition. If you think you have an issue with your drains, such as a leak or clog, we’ll likely use video camera inspection to suss out what’s going on. If you do not report any issues, we’ll use visual inspection instead. What’s the difference? While visual inspection can be done with the naked eye and a flashlight, video camera inspection uses a camera on a long flexible wire to peek far down into your drains. With our CCTV camera, we can see if your pipe has a leak or clog, and we’ll even be able to tell if there is corrosion or a tree root causing issues. If you’d like us to use video inspection before your drain service, be sure to let us know.

HydroScrub® Jetting

Depending on what we find in your drains, we’ll take the next step to get them clean. There are very few problems HydroScrub® Jetting can’t solve, but if you have broken pipes, we’ll need to get to the root of the issue and solve it before we can call your service done and dusted. If your pipes are in fighting shape, then we’ll use this powerful method to get them squeaky clean with hydro jetting. The process involves using a high-pressure jet of water to blast debris, hair, and build-up out of your drain and down into your sewer lines. A totally non-invasive and quick process, we’ll ensure your drains are in perfect condition after drain cleaning. Memphis residents are advised to schedule a cleaning annually, especially when they live in a large family home.

Thinking of adding other jobs to your service? We offer a wide range of services, including water line replacement and installation and water heater repair and replacement, to ensure all of your home and drain repair and installation needs are met.

Types of Drains We Service & Repair

  • Kitchen Drains: The majority of clogged drains we see are in kitchens. From the wrong type of food going down the garbage disposal to grease from dishes, major damage can be done to your kitchen drains if you don’t properly maintain them.
  • Bathroom Drains: We are commonly called to unclog bathroom drains that have too much hair, soap scum, and other types of debris.
  • Garage and Basement Drains: Dirt and debris can be swept and washed away into your garage and basement floor drains, which can form major clogs that require maintenance.
  • Sewer Drains: A clogged sewer drain can cause dirty water to flow back into your home. If you have issues with your sewer drain, call us immediately!

Why Choose Mr. Rooter For Drain Cleaning, Memphis?

Seriously considering drain cleaning, Memphis? Good idea. Knowing you have a clogged drain shouldn’t be the only reason you call us. Whether you believe it or not, your drains are dirty, and the longer you wait, the more soap scum, hair, cooking grease, and debris they will collect. But calling us isn’t just about preventing a clog from taking place, it’s about getting your drains cleaned by a company that knows what they’re doing. It’s about choosing a plumbing company with licensed and fully insured plumbers that provide an exceptional level of service.

When choosing Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Memphis, you’re getting a pro with extensive experience in the industry who knows exactly what they need to do to get the job done correctly. Don’t play around with inexperienced plumbers for the sake of saving an initial buck. We offer flat-rate, upfront pricing, and no overtime fees, plus we back our work with a Done Right Promise. Other companies don’t. That means that not only will your job be done right, but it will also be done quickly by a courteous, uniformed service team. And if you experience any plumbing issues with your drains going forward, you can count on us to make it right. Whether you’re in need of annual maintenance or an emergency plumbing service, we’re here for you. Call to learn more about the difference hiring our drain cleaning experts makes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drain Cleaning Memphis Residents Should Read

How Do I Know If I Have a Clogged Drain?

It’s important that homeowners know how to identify the signs of a drain that requires cleaning so they can act fast before it becomes a serious drain problem. Your drains can be clogged for various reasons, whether it’s an object that got stuck or debris that accumulated over time.

In some cases, it’s just a lack of maintenance that causes the drain to get clogged with mineral deposits and rust. The following are a few common signs that suggest your drain is clogged:

  • Slow Drains or Pooling Water: Are you noticing water around your property in areas where you don’t normally see it? If you see water pooling around the drain in your sink, it is usually a sign of a clog.
  • Bubbling Water in the Bathroom or Kitchen: If you see bubbling water when you turn on your faucet or hear a gurgling sound in your sink when you run the dishwasher, you might have a drain that is clogged. The smell of rotting food is also a sign that your drain might be clogged.
  • Bad Odors Around Your Drains: If your sinks and bathtub smell like a sewer, you likely have some serious build-up in there. You might also be on the verge of a sewer backup, which means you need to contact your Memphis plumber right away.
  • Water Coming Up Your Drains: When water comes back up your drains, it likely means you have a clog or some type of blockage.
  • Overflowing Toilet: Is your toilet always overflowing, leaving you to reach for the plunger time and time again? You likely have a stubborn clog that needs to be pushed through.
  • Drain Flies: These pesky bugs love rotten food and bacteria. When you see them hovering around your drain, it’s a sign you need drain cleaning, Memphis!

What Causes the Need for Drain Cleaning in Memphis?

Memphis has soft to hard water, which means mineral build-up happens more slowly than it does in other locations, but it does accumulate over time. Mineral build-up is just one of the many things that can cause you to need drain cleaning, and unless you have a soft water system installed, there’s no way around it. Your pipes may also be old, corroded, and dented, three things that are totally out of your control. However, there is much that is in your control, and that includes what you put down your drains. To do your part to prevent build-up, never put the following down your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower, or toilet:

  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Baby wipes
  • Cotton swabs
  • Grease & food
  • Toys & other small objects

Other reasons for dirty drains that need cleaning include soap scum and hair. Pro tip: Using a drain cover can help prevent hair and small pieces of soap from going down your bathroom sink.

How Often Should I Clean My Drains?

You should clean your drains at least once per year. The number of times you actually seek drain cleaning, though, will depend on how well you maintain them throughout that year. Memphis households that constantly put things down their drains that they shouldn’t will need the service frequently, and that’s why we can’t recommend following the tips below enough.

  • Use a drain catcher in your shower and sinks
  • Avoid chemical drain cleaners
  • Never put grease or fat down your drain
  • Do not flush food scraps down the toilet or sink
  • Do not flush feminine hygiene products down the toilet

Is Professional Drain Cleaning Worth It?

Professional drain cleaning is one of the many services we cannot recommend enough. It’s not just because we live and breathe plumbing, it’s because we’ve seen what happens when Memphis residents don’t get their drains cleaned regularly. Those that try DIY solutions and chemical cleaners often will not fully resolve their issue, and it will keep coming back. On top of that, chemical cleaners can also corrode your pipes and lead to greater issues in the future. There’s no feeling quite like the peace of mind you feel after having your drains cleaned professionally and knowing the work is backed by a Done Right Promise.

Don’t Wait Around For Emergencies To Happen. Call Mr. Rooter For Drain Cleaning, Memphis!

With constant use throughout the day and night, we put a lot of pressure on our plumbing system—not to mention the abuse we put our drains through by flushing and washing items we shouldn’t. When in need of speedy drain cleaning, Memphis residents should look no further than Mr. Rooter. Our licensed team of plumbers is dedicated to fast, efficient service and will not just clean your drain pipe but provide courteous service in each and every job they perform.

Whether you’re located in Memphis or the surrounding, such as Arlington, Collierville, or Germantown, hiring a local plumber means that we are here to answer your call when you need us most. Through our wide range of expert services and 24/7 emergency line, we ensure that all of your most pressing plumbing needs are met. To request an estimate on a Memphis drain cleaning service for your home or business, call us today.

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