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Memphis Clogged Drain Repair

Local Clogged Drain Repair in Memphis

Clogged sink drains can have a detrimental effect on your hygiene. Rings of residue in your bathtub can result from obstructions in your drainage pipes. Certain blockages may also cause an unpleasant odor to permeate your home, spoiling your ability to unwind. Depending on what drain is clogged, severe obstruction could put your health and the health of your family at risk.

Plumbing backups brought on by clogged drains are our team of expert plumbers' specialty. If your home's plumbing system presents a challenge, we are ready to take it on. Clogging issues won't wait to happen at an opportune time. We provide our Memphis clients emergency plumbing services because of this.

For fast and effective clogged drain repair near you, call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Memphis at (901) 410-5706 today.

Do You Have a Clogged Drain?

Over time, pipes that have not been maintained can sometimes build up. Your plumbing might corrode due to mineral deposits, rust, hair, and grease. A clog and significant pipe damage may result from this. When you experience drainage issues, you should reach out to Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Memphis.

To tell if your draining system is clogged, look for the following signs:

  • Water backs up from sink drains
  • Liquid starts pooling around shower drains
  • Water pools before slowly dissipating
  • Toilet begins bubbling when using the sink
  • Drains gurgle after running the laundry or dishwasher
  • The kitchen sink smells of old, rotten food
  • The smell of sewage starts emanating from multiple drains

But, as you can understand from this list of subtle warning signals, the symptoms of a clog are not always going to be visible. Do you pay close attention to the drains in your house? Even if your answer was affirmative, there might already be a clog in the pipeline or one that is in the process of forming. You may just relax when you let us tackle your clogged drains! Allow seasoned plumbers to locate and remove clogs using instruments of the highest caliber in the business. You don't need to worry about anything because all of our components and work are always guaranteed!

How Do You Clear Clogged Drains?

Some clogs are easy enough for one person to clear out. Others need to be resolved by a skilled plumbing technician. You might try to see if you can solve the problem by plunging your drain before you call a plumber.

To plunge your drain, follow these steps:

  • For double kitchen sinks, use a wet rag to plug one drain
  • For bathroom sinks, plug the overflow hole
  • Partly fill the sink with water
  • Use a cup plunger to plunge the open drain
  • Remove the plunger and repeat if necessary

Also, if the clog is not dislodged by plunging, we suggest against running any water down the drain. You might only be aggravating the situation. If the toilet is clogged, you ought to cease flushing it as well. But, you do not have to turn off the water supply to a clogged appliance. Simply cease using it as long as the issue exists.

Drain Cleaning Specialist in Memphis

On a normal day, your home's drains are put to a lot of use. Everything can go down the drain, including hair, grease, filth, and oil. It all builds up to a major clog and larger issues eventually. We at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Memphis are pleased to provide homeowners in Memphis with consistently dependable and reasonably priced drain cleaning services. We can swiftly unclog and clear practically any drain on your property utilizing our HydroScrub® technology, allowing you to resume enjoying your home without worrying that a drain backflow would result in significant issues.

Looking for Memphis plumbers? You can schedule drain cleaning near you with an expert Memphis plumber by calling (901) 410-5706 now.

Types of Drains We Can Clear & Clean

Millions of consumers have relied on Mr. Rooter® Plumbing throughout the years to solve challenging plumbing issues including drain clogs and damage. You may be sure that your project won't surprise us because we have seen just about everything there is to see when it comes to drain work. Due to our knowledge, we also keep our cars supplied with drain cleaning tools, such as snake cameras and rooters, so we can begin repairing your drain right immediately.

Give us a call at (901) 410-5706 for help with:

  • Kitchen drains: Most drain clogs that happen in the home occur in the kitchen. Putting the wrong type of food into the garbage disposal can cause significant damage in no time.
  • Bathroom drains: We are also called out to work on bathroom drains quite often. Hair, soap scum, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, and more all contribute to serious bathroom clogs.
  • Garage or basement drains: If your garage, basement, or utility room has a floor drain, then it will need maintenance quite often. Otherwise, dirt and debris swept and washed away can form a clog down there.
  • Sewer drains: Few things are worse than a sewer drain clog, which can cause hazardous wastewater to flow back into your home. Call us right away if you need sewer drain services!

The bottom line is our team from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Memphis knows how to fix any clogged drain in your home. Why turn to anyone else when our trusted plumbers can do it all?

Request a job estimate for drain cleaning services in Memphis today.

Camera Inspections See All Clogs

Our rooter camera, commonly known as a snake cam, is one of our favorite plumbing gadgets that we use to find clogs in drainage systems. Our skilled plumbers can carefully maneuver the camera down the drain while looking for any indications of difficulty that can later cause a clog. Of course, we may use the camera to find the obstruction as well. If we run into an unexpected wall of grime, sludge, or other debris, we know we've located it.

When our camera has located the clog, we record how far it was fed before halting. In case we need to perform additional work, like repiping, to clear the clog, this technique makes it simple for us to discover where in your plumbing the clog is stuck.

How to Unclog a Toilet

The most common method for unclogging a toilet is to use a plunger. Make sure the plunger is creating a tight seal around the hole, and then plunge vigorously in an up-and-down motion until you feel resistance. If this doesn't work, try using a drain cleaner or hot water with dish soap. If these methods don't work, you can also try using a toilet auger. Insert the end of the auger into the clog and twist it until you feel resistance.

If all else fails, call a professional plumber like Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Memphis to fix the problem safely and effectively. With their expertise, your toilet will be back up and running in no time. By taking proactive steps such as using the correct plunger or drain cleaner when needed, you can help prevent future clogs from occurring in the future. If you have any questions about unclogging your toilet, contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Memphis for more information and assistance.

Hydro Jetting in Memphis

Our Memphis drain cleaning clients frequently complain that traditional pipe snaking is ineffective. They're done using their plungers, they say. They require a fix that will keep pipes clear and clean longer. Because of this, Sub:BusinessName provides HydroScrub®, the most efficient technique for cleaning residential drains and sewers.

How does HydroScrub® work?

A big water tank, a high-pressure hose, a powerful nozzle, and a device that pressurizes the water and regulates the flow make up the cutting-edge HydroScrub® system. The nozzle is inserted by our specialist into a plumbing hole in your home that allows for debris removal. When the nozzle is turned on, the pressure it produces forces it to pull itself through the pipe. HydroScrub® moves upstream while under intense water pressure, clearing the way for trash to readily flow into the sewer.

Why HydroScrub® surpasses conventional cable methods

In contrast to traditional cable methods, including plumbing snakes, HydroScrub® stops problems from happening again. Snakes frequently leave deposits like soap residue or grease behind and soon start reassembling paper and other materials to produce the next clog. They don't always clear the source of the clog; instead, they push through obstructions to create microscopic holes. Snakes cannot be removed by HydroScrub®: To leave a clean that will last, it clears the line of clog-causing substances like soap and grease.

Preventative maintenance

Preventing blockages before they begin is the most effective method of prevention. To restore your plumbing to pristine, clear condition, we advise a HydroScrub®drain cleaning. We also advise regular, scheduled cleanings because some future buildup is unavoidable. In the interim, keep your system clean by adhering to these easy tips:

  • When possible, place fat, grease, oil, and other food matter into the garbage – not the sink drain
  • Use BioChoiceES® Green Drain Cleaner to eliminate food, grease, and hair build-up
  • Flush nothing but toilet paper down your toilet
  • Add drain strainers to kitchen and bathroom drains, and clean them regularly

You don’t have to suffer the stress of repeated clogs and possible water damage. Instead, call Mr. Rooter, and we’ll defeat those clogs with a powerful hydro jetting in Memphis.

Emergency Clog Removal in Memphis

Clogs and other plumbing emergencies can strike at any time. Because of this, Mr. Rooter of Memphis is open every day of the year. It's likely that you and your house could benefit from a drain cleaning service if you frequently call us to clear your obstructions.

Reach Out to Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Memphis for Quality Plumbing Services

Memphis residents first and foremost turn to us for plumbing solutions that are functional, efficient, and reasonably priced. You may be confident that we'll provide a long-lasting fix for any plumbing issues because our work is guaranteed. Our team of knowledgeable plumbing experts will accommodate your schedule and help you through any problems with your plumbing system.

Call us at (901) 410-5706 or contact us online to request an estimate of our Memphis drain cleaning services.

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