How to Protect Plumbing Appliances from Pets

A dog digs in the backyard above underground sewer lines and pipes.
Prevent Pet Damage Before It Happens

Pets are our best friends. Over 50% of American households have a furry, four-legged family member (according to the American Pet Product Association). Unfortunately, pets can also be legitimate troublemakers – wreaking havoc on your home. We recommend pet-proofing your plumbing system to avoid expensive damages and urgent repairs. After all, a pet can ruin your pipes, cause a leak, or damage plumbing fixtures in the blink of an eye.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pomona Valley specializes in repairing plumbing issues. Our team is available around the clock to rush to the rescue when you need immediate assistance. We also go above and beyond to help our clients enjoy the benefits of proactive plumbing maintenance. One essential preventive measure you can take is to protect your plumbing system from pets.

Here are some surefire solutions to keep your plumbing protected:

Protect Your Pipes at All Costs

Many dogs will chew and gnaw on anything – even metal pipes. Avoid the damage caused by this bad habit today by wrapping foam or similar insulation material around your pipes. This solution can also improve your water’s warmth and your home’s energy efficiency. It will also help keep your pipes from freezing during winter. Don’t forget to inspect for teeth marks on both internal and external piping. Outdoor dogs can cause significant damage and injure themselves by chewing external pipes that enter the home.

Another way to keep your dogs away from plumbing lines and fixtures is to spray a strong perfume or leave essential oils in the area. Pets tend to avoid powerful perfumes and overbearing fragrances. As a result, they’ll stay away from the fixtures and piping you want to protect.

Every Bath Deserves a Drain Stopper

Do you like to bathe your dog or cat? If so, we applaud you for going above and beyond to improve your furry friend’s hygiene. Nevertheless, we highly recommend covering the drain with a stopper/strainer to block the animal hair before it enters the drain. Animal hair is coarse, thick, and sheds easily. As a result, it can quickly lead to pipe clogs and obstructions that require professional plumbing techniques, such as our top-of-the-line and high-powered hydro-jet technology.

Perhaps the wisest solution is to avoid washing your pet in a bathtub or sink altogether. Bathing your animals outside will help reduce allergens, dirty water, and hair-filled pipes.

Always Put the Toilet Lid Down

This tip will protect your pet more than your plumbing. As gross as it is, most household pets have no issue drinking toilet bowl water. This nasty habit is especially dangerous considering most toilet bowls contain chemical cleaners and/or bleach. This toxic residue from cleaning products can lead to health issues.

Pets usually drink from the toilet only as a last resort (though not always). Keeping a clean, fresh bowl of water will help you keep them out of our toilets, sinks, and bathtubs.

Prevent Dogs from Digging Near Underground Pipes

Dog digging can do much more than ruin the curbside appeal of your yard. It can also damage and disrupt your underground pipe and sewer lines. This problem is particularly common when water and sewer lines are installed in shallow soil. In such scenarios, your pet can expose underground pipes – causing damage quickly and without much effort.

There are a few solutions to stop an animal from digging. Always interrupt their digging behavior with a loud reprimand if you catch them in the naughty act. Afterward, we advise you to direct them toward a designated digging zone – a safe space where such activity is allowed. Another option to stop outdoor digging is to spread rocks or chicken wire around the problematic area. We also suggest sprinkling a small amount of red cayenne pepper. The red pepper will irritate their senses when inhaled and drive them away.

The Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pomona Valley Difference

We know every pet parent wants nothing but the best for their furry friends. Nevertheless, ensuring your pet doesn’t make a mess of your home can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Nobody wants to spend excess money or deal with the hassle of fixing a plumbing emergency. Safeguard your plumbing system today by protecting your pipes from pesky pets.

Don’t hesitate to call on our team if you’re unsure how to best pet-proof or repair your plumbing system. Our plumbing specialists will arrive with industry-grade equipment, best-in-class training, and the experience necessary to restore your plumbing in no time!

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