Residential Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Professional Solutions for Your Home’s Water Heater

Throughout the year, your household continuously goes through hot water from your water heater, so it obviously needs repairs periodically to keep it in top condition and running optimally. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Rochester can ensure you always have hot water available with our residential water heater repair and replacement services in Rochester. We have a team of plumbing professionals ready to work with you to find an ideal replacement water heater if repairs are no longer suitable or cost-effective for your old model. You also benefit from our upfront, effective, and cost-effective repairs and replacement services every time we perform services for your home’s water heater. Our licensed plumbers have extensive training and experience, and they arrive at your home on time and are ready to resolve any water heater issue to ensure satisfactory service.

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Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repairs or Replacement

For years, homeowners have depended on Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Rochester to provide solutions to their water heater issues. We’re a locally owned and operated plumbing company with a versatile skill set and diverse expertise in residential plumbing systems and all fixtures and appliances connected to them, including water heaters. Our technicians quickly and efficiently fix a broad range of issues and restore a water heater’s function. If repairs won't resolve your issue, or they will cost you more in the long run, we can help you replace your old unit with a new, more energy-efficient model. If your water heater has performance issues, taking cold showers all the time is not the only indication you’ll notice. Call us for prompt service if you notice any of the following signs your water heater has an issue:

  • It takes a long time for water to heat.
  • Your hot water tank is leaking water.
  • Your water heater does not supply sufficient hot water.
  • Noises are coming from your water heater.

How Long Can I Expect My Water Heater to Last?

A water heater’s life expectancy typically ranges between eight and 10 years, but it ultimately depends on your home's water heater type and water quality. Over time, you might only need periodic repairs to keep your water heater in top condition. However, repairing your current model might not be enough to keep it performing at its best as it ages. Additionally, problems may worsen and happen more frequently, so repairs may no longer be cost-effective. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Rochester helps customers determine if they need to repair or replace their electric or gas water heater. Our technicians will arrive at your house on time, inspect your current water heater, and collaborate with you to determine the best replacement options and timeline.

Get a Replacement With Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Rochester

How do you know if it’s better to repair or replace your water heater? Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Rochester offers customers an honest assessment and professional solutions to save them time, money, and stress from cold showers and laundry. Our technicians cover your water heater replacement needs with affordable models, parts, and workmanship when your water heater has outlived its lifespan and replacing it is necessary. You can rely on us for quick and efficient residential water heater replacement services, and we ensure your new system complies with federally mandated energy efficiency standards. Newer water heaters may come with upfront costs, but you can save more money and reduce hassle over time with their improved heating efficiency, leading to lower water heating bills.

Quick Hot Water Access in Greater Rochester

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Rochester covers your residential water heater repair and replacement needs with outstanding, flexible service options to make plumbing work more convenient year-round. Having an outdated water heater can result in issues like your tank springing a leak and lukewarm water in your shower. Our technicians can advise you on which replacement models are best for your home based on your unique space and hot water consumption. No matter which water heater type you need for your home, we have in-depth industry knowledge backing our adept plumbing skills, years of experience, and professional selection of gas and electric units. We can replace your current water heater with the following types:

  • Tankless Water Heaters – This water heater type only heats water when you need it, providing your home with instant and unlimited hot water. Installing a tankless water heater can help you save up to 30 percent on your water heating bills.
  • Conventional Water Heaters – A conventional water heater stores water in a large tank and heats it using gas or electric energy. We have various tank sizes available, and these heaters come in high-efficiency models that can reduce your water heating bills by up to seven percent.
  • Hybrid Water Heaters – You get a combination of a heat pump and a conventional tank storage water heater using your existing electrical and water connections. Households with hybrid water heaters can drop their water heating costs by up to 60 percent.

Schedule Repairs or Replacement in Your Home Today

Proper maintenance can help you prevent expensive water heater repairs. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Rochester’s technicians will perform a water heater inspection and repair minor issues before they develop into significant problems quickly and efficiently. If your water heater has a sudden problem affecting its performance or safety, we can resolve it with repairs or replacement. Call us quickly to restore your home’s hot water supply with our prompt, professional work. You can start your project by requesting an estimate for an accurate price.

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