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How Boilers Operate

Boilers rely on your pipes or radiators to deliver efficient heating throughout your home. Due to the absence of blowers in this system type, you can enjoy consistent warmth without any drafts. However, issues such as leaky pipes or an aging system could significantly impact both the boiler's performance and your home's comfort level.

Common Boiler Issues

Without proper maintenance, boilers can accumulate residue due to their water usage. The minerals left behind by heated water may strain your pipes over time, potentially causing leaks. Moreover, air trapped within the heating pipes can reduce your boiler's efficiency.

Boiler service is often necessary due to pump failures, especially in boilers older than 15 years. Such failures can result in reduced heat output—or none at all—in your living space.

Frequently encountered problems with boilers include:

  • Insufficient water levels
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Boiler or pipe leaks
  • Pilot light malfunctions

Frequently Asked Questions About Boiler Service

Repairing vs. Replacing Your Boiler

When it comes to your boiler, repairs are generally more cost-effective than replacements and can significantly prolong its lifespan. However, if your boiler is over 15 years old and facing a major issue, replacing it may be the better choice. Cast iron boilers, on the other hand, can endure beyond 20 years. To make an informed decision, have a plumber conduct an inspection.

Maintaining Your Boiler

While professional servicing is ideal for boilers, there are simple tasks you can perform to keep yours in good shape. Regularly check for leaks and unusual noises to catch any issues early on.

If everything looks fine during your weekly checks, carry out basic tests like adjusting the temperature and monitoring pressure levels. It's also advisable to test water hardness and mineral content periodically.

Don't forget to schedule annual boiler service with a plumbing company for thorough inspections and preemptive issue resolution.

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Whether it's maintenance, repair, or replacement you seek for your boiler, our skilled plumbing team is ready to resolve your issue with professionalism and efficiency. A fully operational boiler is just one phone call away! Count on Mr. Rooter® Plumbing of Rogers for dependable repairs, quality parts and workmanship, and peace of mind during every service.

If a replacement is on your mind, we provide in-home estimates for all installation projects. Don't hesitate to reach out today!

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