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Is your home dealing with leaky pipes? At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Rogers, we specialize in leaks and repairs for small to large projects. We use cutting-edge technology and proven plumbing methods to ensure any repair job is done correctly, so you don’t have to worry about the issue returning anytime soon.

Why should you hire Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Rogers to fix your leaking pipes?

  • Our client testimonials serve as proof of our abilities.
  • We offer emergency leaky pipe plumbing around the clock.
  • Since we are licensed and insured, our experience is supported by extensive training and ongoing education.
  • We never charge overtime fees.
  • Our professionals are in uniform and are pleasant and cordial.

With Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Rogers's reliable services, you can rest assured that not only will your pipes get fixed quickly, but they'll also be repaired accurately. Plus, all of our work comes backed by our guarantee -so if there’s ever an issue again, you won’t have to pay twice!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Leaky Pipes

What should I do if a pipe under my sink is leaking?

If you face a leaking pipe under your sink, don't worry – our licensed plumbers are here to help.

When you encounter a situation like this, follow these steps to minimize damage until we arrive:

  • Turn Off the Water. If the leak is in the pipe after the angle stop (also known as the shut-off valve), turn off the water supply to the sink. This shut-off valve is beneath the sink. If the leak is before the faucet’s shut-off valve, consider turning off the main water supply for your home.
  • Clear the Area. Remove any items stored under the sink to prevent further damage and to give you and us easy access to the leaking pipe.
  • Contain the Leak. Place a bucket or a towel beneath the leak to catch dripping water and prevent it from spreading and causing additional damage to your home.
  • Inspect the Damage. Assess the extent of the damage. Is the leak coming from a fitting, a cracked pipe, or a corroded section? Identifying the source of the leak can help our technicians when you call us for repairs.
  • Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Rogers. Once you've taken these steps, it's time to contact our expert plumbers. Our team is ready to respond quickly to your call and provide professional repair services. We have the experience and expertise to fix the issue, whether you have a minor leak or a more complex plumbing problem.

Promptly addressing a leaking pipe is essential to prevent water damage and reduce repair costs. Trust Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Rogers to be your reliable partner when you need leaky pipe repairs, and we'll have your sink back in working order in no time. We’re available 24/7 for emergency pipe leaks.

What are the most common issues of a leaky pipe?

The most common issue associated with a leaking pipe is water damage. Over time, the water from a leaking pipe will slowly seep into your walls and floors, causing mold growth and other structural damage. If left unchecked, this can lead to costly repairs down the line. Additionally, due to the leaky pipe, you may have to deal with water stains on your walls or ceiling.

What are the signs of a leaking pipe?

One of the first signs that you might have a leaking pipe is sudden wet spots on your walls or ceiling or unexplained dampness in certain areas of your home that weren’t there before. 

You might also hear strange sounds inside your walls – like dripping or running water – indicating that something isn’t quite right with your plumbing system. Lastly, if you notice sudden increases in your water bills without explanation, this could be another sign that you have a leaky pipe somewhere in your house.

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