Female Host: Welcome back everybody and say hello to Kevin Davis. He’s the owner of a local company called Mr. Rooter. Thanks for coming in! It’s good to see you.

Kevin: It’s very good to be seen.

Female Host: You were just remarking that you were a Brady Bunch fan and that you were pretty impressed with Jeremy’s outfit.

Kevin: He’s got to get over here. We’ve been taking care of Barry’s plumbing for three or four years now and I’ve talked to him on the phone a bunch of times and I saw him in the local grocery store. Boy, I got giggly like a girl. But anyway, it was an honor to take care of his plumbing.

Mr. Rooter technician goes to work

Female Host: Well we hope that he doesn't have plumbing problems. But when you go back you can say, “Man, that outfit you sent to Jeremy was pretty amazing.”

Male Host: Tell us about Mr. Rooter then.

Kevin: Mr. Rooter Plumbing, I'll tell you what, I cannot be more proud of the company. Not really my contribution, but everybody that works for me, I've got some really great people. That was something we were just joking about earlier, that everybody needs us but nobody really likes to see us. But we understand that we are not over to peoples' houses to have popcorn and a movie, we are over there to take care of a problem.

Male Host: Save us is what you're there for.

Kevin: Yes and it's not always the most comfortable time for the customers so, since we've transitioned into Mr. Rooter it's been real neat the steps we've taken to put people at ease with nice clean uniforms and nice clean vans, relative.

Female Host: That's nice. That's a good face.

Kevin: Absolutely.

Female Host: So, what are some of the things you see a lot in terms of plumbing and the trouble people get into? What sets you guys apart besides looking great and being very, very friendly and a lot of repeat customers, obviously?

Kevin: There are actually 10 things that set us apart. The first 9 would be everybody that works for me, namely the office staff whom my wife is a part of; my smoking red, hot wife.

Male Host: You done good, I'll tell ya.

Kevin: But then also the guys in the field taking care of the customers' right in front of them. They represent me well, better than I represent myself. But the 10th thing I'd like to showcase is our trenchless sewer replacement technology. We are able through one excavated home to replace one sewer up to 100 feet with a 50 year guarantee. It's a pretty neat process and I'm really proud to say that we are the only ones in South West Missouri that offer that service.

Male Host: So that would be something you'd mention right away if I was gonna ask you what is that sets you apart. The process alone would.

Kevin: Yes, and it's really neat. There's not a whole lot of market awareness of it. Here and at the Mancho, that was something we were trying to showcase.

Female Host: Wow, so if you were having a sewer issue, people could call you. And you said it was a sewer replacement?

Kevin: Yes. We're able to insert a pipe within a pipe and, I'll tell you what right off the bat, I can make the most crystal clear water muddy as all get-out. So I'll spare you the explanation but please call the office and I'll be able to explain it a lot further. It's a really neat process and it can really save people a lot of time and hassle.

Male Host: And you're talking about a 50 year guarantee, not too shabby!

Kevin: Ya, not at all. I won't be around to honor it but it's a really solid product.

Female Host: We have less than a minute left but can you give our viewers some ideas on ways to, no offense, but not need to call you? What are some things you just don't put down there? Potato peels!

Kevin: Wow, and cut. No, umm paper.

Female Host: Paper and products and things like that.

Kevin: Yes, thank you. Of course potato peels, carrot peelings. Just be nice to your plumbing. You gotta pay attention because your plumbing does talk to ya.

Male Host: When it makes noise, you need to do something.

Female Host: You need to do something. I've learned over the years that some things that you peel and you dice and you need to put in the trash can.

Male Host: If it's not meant to go down the drain, don't throw it down the drain.

Kevin: The biggest thing this time of year, we see so many people with flooded homes. Just check your hose bib before you connect your hose and wash your car the very first, nice day of spring.

Female Host: Ah, good advice for sure. Alright Kevin from Mr. Rooter, how do people reach you real quick?

Kevin: Via phone

Female Host: Very good, thank you so much.

Kevin: Thanks for having me.

Male Host: Alright coming up, it's our Osarks live Weekend Review. There he is, dancing away. Don't go away, we'll have more of this dance any minute.

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