4 Tips if Your Dishwasher Fills Slowly for Tacoma, WA & More

Having problems with your dishwasher? We have a few tips to help you figure out how best to solve it.

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Tip 1: It Could Be the Inlet Screen.

If your dishwasher takes forever to fill, a clogged inlet screen restricting the water flow might be the culprit. Open the lower access door at the bottom of the dishwasher and locate the inlet valve solenoid, typically on the bottom left.

In some cases you may have to pull the dishwasher out and put it on its back to have access to the solenoid.

Tip 2: Take Care of Those Mineral Deposits.

Minerals can buildup all over your dishwasher. Wherever hard water goes, it will leave calcium buildup behind it. You could have mineral buildup on the heating element, the spray arms, or the wash sensor. Ensure you clean your dishwasher one to two times per month with a special dishwasher cleaner. These types of cleaners remove mineral deposits and improve your dishwasher's life span and capabilities.

Tip 3: Your Water Temperature Could Be the Issue.

Dishwashers are supposed to operate with water temperatures between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this depends on what heat cycle you're using. If the setting requires hot water, and your water heater isn't producing enough heat, it could take your dishwasher forever to start. Make sure your water heater is set to 120 degrees before trying again.

Tip 4: Your Cycle Setting Could Be Wrong.

Depending on the type of dishwasher you have, you could be using a different setting than you intend. Some settings tend to run much longer than others. If you don't need any extra features during your cycle, try changing it to a shorter setting.

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Updated February 2021

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