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3 Plumbing Chores For Your Fall To-Do List

If you have family planning a visit to your home in the coming weeks you probably have a list of things to get done. Not only do you have to stock the fridge and pantry with enough food to feed everyone, but you have to make sure that sleeps arrangements are figured out and the house is clean.

Obviously, when you have houseguests all parts of your home get used a bit more. This is not truer for anything more than it is for your plumbing system. Not only are there more showers taken and grooming done but, the kitchen is used more for preparing and cleaning up meals, along with the washing machine for laundry and linens.

With the pending arrival of your loved ones, make sure that you do these simple maintenance chores to keep your plumbing system in top working order:

  • Running an extra bead of sealant around the base of your toilet is an easy way to prevent water damage to your flooring. The space where your toilet connects to the floor is sealed tight with a waterproof polymer. But, over time this material will get dried out leaving it cracked and missing pieces. If your toilet collects condensation because the hot shower is running and the ventilation is not strong, that condensation will form into beads of water that drip down the toilet and into the subfloor. A quick layer of sealant can prevent all of this and it is an easy chore. Check the base of your toilet to see if it is properly sealed.
  • Check the hoses of your washing machine to make sure they are not leaking or clogged. Your washing machine lid should be left open after each load is washed to prevent mildew from forming around the gasket on the lid. Leaving it open allows the air to get to it and the gasket to dry out. The hoses of the washing machine will easily detach from the wall fixture and you can look inside with a flashlight. If you notice anything solid, pull it out so it doesn’t cause a clog.
  • Make sure that the filter of your dishwasher is clean and free of any solid food particles. When you put dishes in the dishwasher with food still on them, the food will collect on the filter and can easily cause a clog.

As you are making this list and checking things off, make sure to add plumbing maintenance chores. It might sound a little strange but, a little bit of maintenance to your plumbing system can go a long way in preventing major issues.

Mr. Rooter iconAbout the Author: Vincent Sposari, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Tacoma

Vinnie has been a trusted plumber since 1989 and a Mr. Rooter owner since 1992. With over 31 years to back him, Vinnie has experience with a wide range of plumbing related solutions and systems. He and his team specialize in plumbing repairs, drain cleaning, emergency plumbing, and more.