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Why Are My Pipes Banging?

Whether we think of them or not, we have expectations of our plumbing system. Mostly, we just expect it to work when we need it. If you want to take a shower after a long day at work, the shower and water heater had better corporate and provide hot water when you turn the faucet on.

But, sometimes when you turn the faucet on to your plumbing system, you get something more than just water – you get a loud and startling banging.

This noise can be really unsettling because sometimes it is so loud that you think the pipes are going to rattle through the walls. And, the problem can range from a simple fix, to something much more complicated.

Here are a few causes for banging in your plumbing system:

  • Pipes that are loose. If your pipes have been rattled loose from their connections, they will bang with the pressure of the water moving through them. This is a fairly simple fix, depending on where the effected pipes are located. If the pipes are located in the wall, then you will need to cut a hole in the wall to access them.
  • Having low water pressure isn’t just a problem in the shower. In fact, low water pressure in your plumbing system can actually cause the banging noise that you are hearing. To check this, you should check the valve on your main plumbing line and see at what pressure it is set to.
  • While you only see the water in your plumbing system when you want to, it is actually sitting in the pipes all the time. And, since there are various flaps and valves in your plumbing system, it is possible for air to get mixed in the pipes with the water. When you turn the faucet on for water to come out, the air will come out too and that will cause the banging that you hear. It is the air being forced through the narrow faucet opening.

If your bathroom sink is draining slowly, make sure not to ignore the problem. This isn’t just an inconvenience, it could be a sign of a much bigger problem. Having a professional plumber come out and take a look at your sink and plumbing pipes should be done right away.