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Implement These Water-Saving Tips For Spring Savings

During the summer months, we all like to play in water, keep our gardens and landscaping looking green and healthy, and make sure the lawn is watered and lush.

But, all of these tasks requires water. So, it is important that the rest of the year we are mindful of how much water we use around the house. If you and your family have not been practicing good water-saving habits, this is the perfect time of year to improve.

In fact, March is a great time of year for you and your family to remember your New Year resolutions and recommit to them … especially if your resolution was to save more water around your home. During the winter months, we don’t use nearly as much water as we do during the summer so, it is good to start these improved habits now before the weather really inspires us to start using a lot more water.

Here are some tips that you and your family can follow to make sure that you are using only the water that you really need this summer:

  • Add a pool covering to your swimming pool to reduce the amount of water that is lost due to evaporation. In fact, you can save up to 90% of water loss from evaporation by adding a pool cover.
  • Keep your hoses disconnected from the hose bibs. This ensure that in the event that a hose gets damaged or pulled on, it doesn’t damage the hose bib. If your hose bib gets damaged, it will lead to a crack in the pipe and those kind of problems can be left unrepaired for a while since you’re not always paying close attention to your outside hose bibs.
  • Only water your lawn and landscaping in the morning hours of the summer. This will reduce the amount of evaporation that happens due to the summer sun and your lawn will retain more of the water that you put on it.

The month of March is great for pre-spring and summer planning. Because there is enough of a break in the weather for a little bit of outdoor activity but, not enough that it is time to be outside getting a lot of stuff done. Make these water-saving tips part of your pre-spring activities.