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3 Ways That Heavy Rain Affects Your Plumbing

In many parts of the United States, heavy rains are a normal part of daily life. This is especially true for us in the Pacific Northwest. However, heavy rains are more than just a sign to break out the umbrella and your good boots. Over time, rain can take a serious toll on your plumbing system, causing bursts, leaks, and backups.

Clogs and Blockages

After a rainstorm, you can find lots of leaves, sticks, dirt, and other natural debris in unexpected places. In fact, the storm could blow this debris into your pipes and drains, causing heavy blockage and clogs. In addition, drains are not meant to hold large quantities of water. This means that during especially heavy rain, flooding and overflow can occur, creating more blockage for your home. After a rainstorm, make sure to check your drains and pipes for any debris-caused blockage and flooding.

Basement Flooding

Heavy rains can flood your basement or the crawl space beneath your home. This poses severe risks to your home’s structural integrity and overall health. Standing water, if not properly drained, can seep into your home’s foundation, attract pests, and breed mold in your basement or crawl space. After a rainstorm, always check these areas for flooding and drain excess water immediately.

Heavy Pressure and Cracks

Rain puts a lot of pressure on your plumbing system, especially to exposed pipes. This high pressure can cause a pipe to break, causing a small leak or a major burst. If your pipes are underground, the rain, soaked dirt, and debris can crush them. This could lead to outside dirt getting into your water supply or plumbing blockages. If you have cracked or crushed pipes, it is important to schedule an appointment with a Mr. Rooter plumber.

How to Respond

After a rainstorm, it’s important to check your pipes for any cracks or damage caused by the rain. In addition, you should check all your drains and gutters for debris build-up and blockage. You should also check any ground-level or below ground-level areas in your home for flooding. If you find a serious problem with your plumbing system, contact a professional immediately.

Tacoma’s heavy rains can wreak havoc on even the strongest plumbing systems. Have pipes in need of repair? Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing today.