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How to Clean Your Shower Head

Is your shower head not performing as well as it used to? Over time, mineral deposits will build up on the inside of your shower head, obstructing the nozzles and causing the water to either spray in multiple directions or clog up entirely. The most efficient way to fix this problem is by simply cleaning your shower head. Follow these instructions to learn a couple of methods you can take to clear your shower head from these minerals.

1. Scrub the Nozzles

Before you even consider cleaning the shower head, you can massage the nozzles or use a small brush to scrub them carefully. You can resolve most mineral shower clogs this way. If it’s not effective, proceed to formally clean the shower head.

2. Detach the Shower Head

While you can always just attach a plastic bag filled with vinegar to the shower head with a rubber band, this process is more detailed and effective. To being with, use a wrench to unscrew the nut located at the shower arm. Practice care in not ruining the fixture’s finish and use a soft rag with your tool to cushion it.

3. Rinse

The next step involves getting the loose debris out of the shower head. Place the shower head upside down and rinse it under the faucet with a blast of water. After that, revert the position of the shower head to make sure the water flushes out the mineral debris.

4. Soak the Shower Head

Assuming there are mineral deposits still stuck in the shower head, use a small brush and place some vinegar in it to scrub the deposits from the shower head. Use a small safety pin or a toothpick to scrape off any small mineral pieces that you can see. In order to finish the job and get rid of the remaining minerals, let the shower head soak in vinegar throughout the night. The vinegar is strong enough to dissolve anything that’s left in the head.

5. Reinstall the Shower Head

Dry and wipe the shower head if needed. Wrap plumber tape around the shower arm entrance to create a tight seal. Use the wrench to reattach the shower head to the shower arm. Just like with the detachment, use a rag to protect the shower arm’s finish. Run some water through the head to clear out any remaining vinegar.


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