University Place Emergency Plumbing

Every University Place residential or commercial plumbing system tends to break down and fail over time. In such times, you can count on the rapid and efficient response of our plumbers and technicians here at Mr. Rooter.If you are experiencing any emergency with your University Place plumbing system, contact us right away. Our friendly personnel are on standby ready to answer your call.

Call us or contact us online to get in touch with an emergency plumber near you today!

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Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing Emergencies

Among all the areas of your house, your kitchen and bathroom are the ones which are commonly used with regards to your plumbing system. Because of this, these particular areas are the ones which are prone to developing plumbing problems the most.

Kitchen sinks, shower floor drain and tubs can develop clogs, or the taps or faucets and the shower heads may start leaking. In connection with this, water heaters that supply hot water for your baths may start failing and deliver lukewarm or cold water instead.

For all your emergency kitchen and bathroom plumbing needs, count on us to be there right away and attend to them.

Leak Emergencies

An unchecked leak can cause considerable damage to your property in a myriad of ways. A broken water pipe for instance, can cause water to leak into your landscape and create pools of mud in it. The water can also seep into the earth surrounding your home and wash away the soil and weaken its foundation and compromise its structural integrity.

Aside from this, germs and bacteria can enter your pipes through the cracks and contaminate your water lines, exposing you and your family to a variety of illnesses and diseases.

Save your home and your loved ones from such disasters. When you suspect a leak in your pipes or plumbing fixtures, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Drain and Sewer Emergencies

Your drains and sewer lines do an important job of carrying waste water away from your homes. When problems with these parts of your plumbing occur, it can lead to a variety of stressful circumstances – especially so since you won’t be able to use your major plumbing fixtures, your bathroom, your toilet, your kitchen and so on. In addition, a broken sewer line can leave your landscape smelling of sewage which can be embarrassing to your neighbors.

If the unfortunate event of a University Place emergency plumbing situation arises , call us for immediate response, and remember we never charge an overtime fee!

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