Trenchless Sewer Line Repair in University Place

University Place sewer lines develop a variety of problems in their lifespan which can cause them to become damaged and broken.Whether it is a repair or possible new installation, it may be time to consider University Place trenchless sewer line technology. With this more modern and newer method, we can do so using our pipe relining method where we literally create a new pipe inside your old one. If your sewer line is beyond repair though, we recommend having them replaced with our pipe bursting methods. With this method, we can replace your old and damaged sewer line without having to excavate your landscape.

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Rusting of Sewer Lines

Because your University Place sewer pipes are always wet with water, it is very much prone to developing rust. This is especially true if your pipes are galvanized iron. At first, rust will only eat a portion of the pipe and result in cracks and breaks. However, in the long run, rust will eat away at your pipes and ultimately cause it to corrode.

Tree Root Infiltration

If your sewer line is located near a tree, then it is probable that tree roots will invade your pipes. This is actually one of the most common causes of sewer line clogging. Tree roots can enter the pipes through cracks and breaks in the pipe, or through the joints that connect the different sections of the pipes.

Shifting Soil

Shifting soil, or otherwise called expansive soil, is another cause of a damaged sewer. In this case, the ground shifts of settles, and the pipes move along with it. As they move, they become misaligned and sink lower than the rest. Aside from this, the movement may also loosen the joints that connect the various sections of the pipes and thereby causing waste water to leak out of the sewer line.

Grease Build-up

Your University Place drains and sewer lines are connected, which is why whatever you flush down your drains will eventually end up in your sewer lines. Thus, it is not uncommon for grease to accumulate and buildup. The grease will stick to the walls of the pipes and cause all other debris that passes to your sewer pipes to stick to the walls and form a large gunk that will soon clog your sewer pipes.

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