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Discover How Boilers Work to Keep Your Home Warm and Cozy

Boilers are a reliable heating system that uses pipes or radiators to efficiently heat your home without any uncomfortable drafts. However, it's important to ensure your boiler is properly maintained to prevent any problems that could affect its performance and comfort.

Troubleshooting Boiler Issues - What You Need to Know

Without regular maintenance, boilers can accumulate mineral buildup that puts strain on your pipes, leading to leaks over time. Additionally, air trapped in the heating pipes can decrease the efficiency of your boiler.

One common problem that older boilers often face is pump failure, which can result in reduced or no heat in your home.

Common boiler problems include:

  • Low water levels
  • Broken thermostat
  • Leaking boiler or pipes
  • Malfunctioning pilot light

Don't let these issues disrupt your cozy home environment. Take proactive steps to maintain your boiler and ensure efficient heating throughout your home.

Boiler Service FAQs

Should I repair or replace my boiler?

Repairing your boiler is generally the better option, both in terms of cost and longevity. Repairs tend to be more affordable than replacements and can significantly extend the lifespan of your boiler.

The only time it may not be worth repairing a boiler is if it is extremely old. If your boiler is over 15 years old and experiencing a major issue, it might be more effective to replace it. However, if your boiler is made of cast iron, it can last well beyond 20 years. To determine the best course of action, it's recommended to hire a plumber for an inspection.

What maintenance does a boiler require?

While boiler service should be done by professionals, there are some tasks you can do to help maintain your boiler. Check for leaks and unusual noises every week to ensure everything is in order.

If there are no issues during your weekly check, perform some basic tests to ensure the boiler is functioning correctly. This includes adjusting the temperature and monitoring the pressure readings. It's also a good idea to test the water for hardness and mineral content.

Additionally, scheduling regular boiler service with a plumbing company is highly recommended. They can come annually to ensure everything is working properly and address any potential issues before they become problems for your home.

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