The Saddle Award

This award is presented to the franchisee who has shown great tenacity in getting back into their business and taking it to the next level. During the last year they have made a difference in growing their sales, building their organization, and have shown a renewed spirit in being fully committed to the execution of the system. In a sentence- they’re back and they’re all in!

Mr. Rooter technician goes to work

These longtime franchisees have certainly made their mark in a variety of markets. From Washington State to Las Vegas, Nevada and back to the Tri Cities area of Washington, they looked like they would settle in to growing their family run operation in 2007.

Not content with falling short of a million, five years in a row, they made a concerted effort at the end of 2012 to focus on bigger goals. Sharing their goals with their team, keeping the renewed hunger for growth alive on a daily basis and the return to Basic Training in 2014 paid off. With 46% growth, they realized their dream and broke the million-dollar barrier for their Tri Cities location for the first time!

When the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene territory opened up in 2014, they jumped at the opportunity to expand yet again. In a period of a few short months they packed up their home, moved to Spokane, relocated the shop and managed to keep both teams rolling ahead at full steam. Closing out the Top Gun year for 2014, they not only made it back on this prestigious list, but they sky rocketed to Admiral!

With the mom and dad in Spokane, their son now runs the Tri Cities location and with territories combined, they are on pace to hit the two million dollar mark for 2015. The family’s determination to grow a thriving business has opened up a world of possibilities and new opportunities. It is my privilege to announce our first winner for this award, Shaylin, Dan and Jill King!

Shaylin, Dan and Jill King: Back in the Saddle Award Winner