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Does Your Bathroom Have These Hidden Dangers?

Your children count on you to provide them with a safe environment within which they can explore and learn. Children are always looking for new things to see and touch, and they don’t always realize they are in danger unless you tell them.

Always thinking about safety can be exhausting, and most parents will let their guard down a bit when they are inside of their home with their kids. After all, you know your home and have taken the proper measure to keep the kids away from the kitchen knives and have covered the electrical outlets. They safe, right?

Wrong. There are in fact several hidden dangers in the bathroom that most parents don’t even consider. More than 300,000 people come to emergency rooms across the Country each year and report an injury that occurred in their home – and, 81% of those injuries happened in the bathroom.

To make parents aware of how dangerous the bathroom can be without proper safety awareness, The Home Safety Council has deemed January National Bath Safety Month and offers these tips and suggestions for keeping your children safe in the bathroom:

  • Make sure that the hot water heater thermostat is not set any higher than 120 degrees. If you set it lower, you may not have enough hot water when you need it. And, if you set it higher you will run the risk of scalds and burns when the water comes out of the hot water tap. There is no way to regulate how hot the water is that is coming out of the tap – so, this MUST be regulated at the source.
  • Keep cleaning supplies and medications up and out of reach. Even better, keep them in a locked cabinet or closet where children cannot access them. Kids are very curious and cleaning supplies come in fun squirt bottles with interesting nozzles on them. It won’t take long for your child to start squirting bleach or other chemicals, which could cause injury to their eyes and even worse if they ingest the chemical.
  • Keep razors and other items out of reach of children. Installing a shelf above the showerhead is a great way to store items that are dangerous to kids up and out of their reach. Also, a shower caddy is a good way to keep shampoo and other products away from little hands. Even the smallest dollop of shampoo accidentally squirted on the shower floor will create an extremely slippery and dangerous surface.

Knowing that there are dangers in the bathroom is the first step to improve the safety. Take a minute to assess how safe your bathroom is, and where you could improve the safety. Implement these tips and others to make sure that your children are kept safe.