Sewer Line Repair & Replacement in Prescott

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Are you frantically searching for a licensed plumber to fix your sewer line? At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Yavapai, Coconino, and Maricopa Counties, we can help. As homeowners like you, we’re familiar with the stress that surrounds sewer issues.

Our reputable technicians are highly trained and experienced in all types of sewer line repairs and replacements. All pricing is discussed up-front, and we back our sewer services with a reliable warranty.

To schedule your Prescott sewer service, request an appointment online. Or you can give us a call. We provide 24/7 emergency sewer services!

6 Signs of a Damaged or Clogged Sewer Line

Here are six signs that your sewer line might need to be serviced:

  • Multiple clogged or slow drains.
  • Foul odors in your yard.
  • Gurgling or bubbling sounds coming from your drains.
  • Soggy or sunken patches in your yard.
  • Increase in pests and rodents.
  • Sewage backup in your home.

If you notice these signs, go ahead and call us to schedule a sewer line inspection. We’ll get to the bottom of the issue and go over all sewer repair and replacement options.

Our Sewer Line Repair & Replacement Options

The sewer service will start with a thorough inspection. The sewer line inspection will help us know what we’re treating so we recommend the best repair options. Based on our findings, we’ll recommend sewer line repair or replacement.

Here are three typical ways we’d replace or repair your sewer line:

  • Pipe Relining. Pipe relining is a cost-effective and trenchless method used to repair damaged or deteriorating sewer lines. We'd insert a flexible liner coated with epoxy resin into the existing sewer line, which then hardens to create a new, durable pipe within your old one. This technique eliminates the need for extensive excavation and provides a long-lasting solution.
  • Pipe Bursting. Pipe bursting is a trenchless sewer line replacement method. We'll use hydraulic equipment to break apart your existing sewer line while simultaneously pulling a new pipe into place. This technique is efficient, minimizes disruption, and provides a long-lasting solution.
  • Traditional Excavation. Traditional excavation involves digging trenches to access and repair or replace sewer lines. We’d dig up your existing sewer line and repair or replace it as needed. Excavation is typically used for extensive or complex sewer line issues. While it may require more time and disruption, excavation is an effective way to repair or replace your entire sewer line.
Searching for sewer main line replacement in Prescott? Request your service online or call us today. We’ll be over ASAP to help.

Why Choose Us to Repair or Replace Your Sewer Line?

What’s better than a broken sewer line? An on-time, courteous plumber! While sewer line issues are stressful, we’re here to help make the situation better by providing prompt, professional service. For example - we’ll wear shoe covers in your home and treat your home like our own.

Why else can you trust us? At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Yavapai, Coconino, and Maricopa Counties:

  • We’re an Accredited Business on BBB with an A + rating.
  • We have a high Google rating with over 600 reviews.
  • We warranty our sewer line repair & replacements.
  • We offer flat-rate, up-front pricing - no surprise or hidden fees!
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