6 Warning Signs Your Gas Line Needs Repair

Yellow gas lines against a grey wall
Does it smell like rotten eggs inside your home right now?

Your first instinct might be to grab a bottle of air freshener and go to town with it to eliminate the putrid smell. But rather than taking that approach, you should think about where the smell is coming from. It could be a sign that your gas line needs repair.

If you detect even the slightest gas smell in your home, you should get in touch with a plumbing company that can handle gas line repairs. You should also call a plumber if you suspect that gas might be to blame for any dizziness, nausea, or fatigue that you've been feeling.

There are other warning signs your gas line needs repair, too. Here's what you should know.

1. Starting to Crack

How old is the gas line in your home?

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about how many American homes have gas lines that are more than 50 years old. These lines are more likely to cause problems for homeowners than the lines in newer properties.

Oftentimes, gas lines can start to crack simply because of old age. When they do, they can send a tiny bit of gas out into the air and put both homes and their inhabitants at risk.

Take a look at your gas line every now and then to see what kind of condition it's in. If it's starting to crack or if it's so old that it looks like it could crack at any second, it's one of the warning signs your gas line needs repair.

2. Making a Hissing Sound

As we just mentioned, a little bit of gas will be able to escape from your gas line if it has a crack or hole in it. The problem is that these cracks and holes can sometimes be tough to spot even if you're looking right at a gas line.

You will often be able to hear gas escaping from a gas line that has a crack or hole in it, though. The gas will make a slight hissing sound as it exits the line and enters the air in your home.

If you ever hear this kind of hissing sound, shut the gas to your home off as quickly as you can so that it's not able to continue to flood your home. Get a plumber on the phone right away, too, and schedule gas line services.

3. Rusting or Corroding

Moisture shouldn't be able to make its way onto the gas line in your home. But if it does happen to come into contact with your gas line, it can lead to your metal gas line rusting or corroding.

At first, the rust and corrosion on your gas line will start small and won't seem like such a big deal. But gradually, rust and corrosion can take over a gas line and cause a lot of damage to it.

Some homeowners try to wipe away rust or corrosion from a gas line rather than having it repaired. It's a good idea to have a plumber take a look at it before writing off rust or corrosion as a non-issue.

4. Slowing Down Appliances

There are a bunch of different appliances inside your home that rely on your gas line to supply them with gas throughout any given day. Everything from your stove to your hot water heater to your furnace requires gas.

A leaky gas line can prevent your appliances from getting access to enough gas. This can slow your appliances down and prevent them from working as well as they normally do.

There is, of course, a chance that one of your appliances could be getting old and on its way out when it stops working efficiently. But an issue with your gas line might also be at the root of appliance problems.

5. Killing Plants and Flowers

Do you love positioning plants and flowers all over the place inside your home?

If so, you likely go above and beyond to water them, provide them with sunlight and fresh air, and maintain them in other ways. So you'll be shocked if you ever come home and see that all your plants have withered away to nothing in a short period of time.

Believe it or not, this could be yet another sign that your gas line needs repair. When the gas enters a home due to a leaky gas line, it can kill off plants without any explanation.

6. Sending Utility Bills Skyrocketing

The typical Austin, TX resident spends anywhere from $100 to $240 every month on utility bills. The average cost sits at a shade over $150 per month.

Are your utility bills a whole lot higher than that? And more importantly, did they used to be a lot lower than they are now before skyrocketing out of nowhere?

A small gas leak in a home can result in rising utility costs. You'll be using way more gas than you realize when you have an issue with a gas line.

It's why it's so important to contact a plumber when your gas line needs repair. Outside of putting you and your family in danger, a faulty gas line can also cost you a fortune over time.

Call a Plumber When Your Gas Line Needs Repair

Are you concerned about your home's gas line?

If you think your gas line needs repair, it's best to have a plumber come out to look at it the same day you notice the problem and complete any plumbing repairs necessary. You don't want to put off making an appointment with a plumber and pay the price for it later.

Contact us today if you smell gas in your home or see one of the other warning signs your gas line needs repair. We're also available to help those who need to do drain cleaning, water heater replacement, and water and sewer line repairs.

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