Trenchless Sewer Line Repair in Austin

Non-Invasive Repair Services Designed to Quickly Restore Your Plumbing

Just like you wouldn't leave plumbing problems inside the home unchecked, underground plumbing issues shouldn't be ignored either. If left unchecked, cracked, corroded, and broken lines can lead to unsightly overgrowth throughout your lawn, frustratingly slow drains, and health and safety concerns for your family once sewage backup occurs.

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Instead of dealing with costly traditional sewer line repairs that leave your lawn a mess and landscape destroyed, turn to Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Austin for trenchless sewer line repair.

Whether the line needs to be repaired or replaced entirely, this non-invasive plumbing service doesn't leave behind large amounts of damage. Instead, it only requires an entry and exit point and remains a cost-effective alternative to traditional underground pipe repair methods!

Sewer Rehabilitation Methods That Work

Sewer rehabilitation is the process of repairing, replacing, or upgrading your sewer pipelines, often due to age, underground pipes shifting due to soil erosion, tree root intrusion, improper installation, and severe clogs.

It can be completed via various trenchless methods, usually in less than a day, leaving a pipe that will be leakproof and extremely durable.

Pipe Relining

If our Austin plumbers deem your pipe can be relined after a quick video inspection, we'll dig two small holes at each end of the affected pipe. We'll then slide a custom liner through the pipe's entrance.

Once in place, the resin that holds the liner in place is then cured quickly using ultraviolet light, creating a pipe within a pipe. The UV light allows the lining to be dried completely within minutes, which is much faster than the hour's traditional pipe lining methods can take.

Your new pipe will be well protected against damage and ensure things flow properly for your plumbing. Whether your pipe is PVC, cast iron, clay, or another material, pipe lining may be a good fit for your system's current issues and can provide long-lasting protection for up to 50 years.

Epoxy Coating

Instead of replacing your relining your old plumbing, your plumber may recommend applying an epoxy coating to the inside of your pipes. This is another non-invasive form of line repair that helps create a new pipe within the old, patching up cracks and providing protection against future issues.

Once the line has been cleaned of buildup and debris, a flexible tube is slid through the entrance into the pipe, pushing a fast-setting resin through. This will coat the pipe from one end to the other. We then quickly cure the new coating and get things flowing again.

Cast Iron Pipe Coating

Cast iron pipes have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years and are found primarily in older homes in Austin. It can be a reliable form of piping due to its durability and longevity, but it's not free from its fair share of problems.

A common problem with cast iron pipes is tuberculation. This formation of mounds of red and brown iron oxide on the inside of your pipe can reduce the flow capacity greatly and put increased pressure on the rest of your system.

One method of removing this build-up is water jetting to clear away the tuberculation, providing immediate relief to your system. While this provides long-lasting results on its own, many homeowners choose to also have an epoxy coating applied to prevent problems like this from happening again.

Pipe coatings on cast iron pipes will add an extra layer of protection for your home's plumbing, preventing signs of rust build-up for decades to come (around 35 years to be exact) and save you the time and money involved with repiping your plumbing.

Comprehensive Services for Your Plumbing's Sewer Lines

Regardless of the underground plumbing issues you're facing in Austin, rest assured that our team will arrive fully equipped with the right tools, trusted systems, and supplies needed for the job. We pride ourselves on delivering quick repairs, coating, and relining services that'll save your plumbing while preserving your home's driveway, landscaping, and integrity.

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