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Signs That Are Telling You to Hire a Plumber

The Most Indicative Signs That Are Telling You to Hire a Plumber

Of course, you want to do all of your home repairs yourself. Who doesn't? There are so many benefits to doing things on your own, including the sense of accomplishment you feel when a project is complete and the fact that you get to learn a new skill. Saving money is another huge benefit, too.

However, even the handiest homeowner needs to accept that sometimes calling in the professionals is the way to go. When it comes to home plumbing, sometimes you need to hire a plumber.

Don't look at it as defeat; look at it as knowing your limits. There are lots of things you can do to fix your plumbing on your own, but there are situations that you will not have the skills or equipment to tackle independently.

Knowing the difference can be difficult. Again, you likely want to do it all yourself, but it takes a smart man or woman to know when it's time to leave a job to the experts. Read on to learn about how to know when you need to call in the big shots when it comes to home plumbing repairs.

When to Do It Yourself

There are a lot of plumbing situations that you can handle yourself. 

A clogged drain is a fairly simple problem with simple solutions in many cases. You can try to repair it with a plunger or using a snake. It's unlikely that you will make things worse no matter what you do; it's more likely that you will be able to clear it on your own.

A leaky faucet is a larger problem than a clogged drain but it is also easy to fix with just a few tools. Remember to shut off the water supply before you begin. Look online for instructions on how to fix a faucet and follow them and you may be able to make this repair yourself without much difficulty.

When to Hire a Plumber

However, there are many other situations in which hiring a plumber is the best course of action for home repairs. Read on to learn about some specific cases when hiring a plumber will make all the difference.

1. Low Water Pressure

If you are experiencing low water pressure around your entire house, this could be caused by a number of factors that may not be easily determined. This issue is frustrating and you will likely want to get it fixed quickly. 

Low water pressure throughout a home can be caused by obstructions in water lines and these blockages must be fixed by a plumber. It could also be the result of low water pressure from the city supply or from your well; a licensed plumber will be able to assess the situation and determine the proper course of action for you.

2. No Hot Water

There are also a lot of different hot water heater issues that can result in there being no hot water in your home. Since hot water is necessary for showers, baths, and general cleaning and hygiene, a plumber will be able to fix this problem faster than you can.

Electric heater problems can include broken heating elements in the hot water heater, blown fuses, malfunctioning thermostats and other electrical issues. Because of the fact that hot water problems combine issues with both water and electricity, it's best to leave these repairs to the pros to keep you, your family, and your home safe. 

3. Water Heater Replacement

Your hot water heater may spring a leak. When you see this happen, you know that it needs to be replaced without any additional help. However, replacing a hot water heater is a big job and it's a job that is better left to a professional plumber and hot water heater installer. 

Although it's possible to maintain your hot water heater yourself, it's just smart to have a new one professionally installed when the time comes.

In addition to professional installation, there are other benefits when you hire a plumber to install your new hot water heater. You can also depend on the plumber to carry the new heater into your home and to dispose of the old one.

4. Frozen Pipes

If your pipes freeze, you may have a rather involved repair on your hands. Cracked or burst pipes need to be repaired and fast before they do extensive damage to your home. A plumber can help you to thaw the remaining pipes and can replace any pipes that are cracked or broken. 

5. Sewer Line Blockage

It's one thing to fix a clog in your sink or bathtub drain, but if the blockage is in the line that runs out to the sewer, you will need professional assistance. Often, this blockage is due to tree roots and you will find it difficult or impossible to remove them yourself. 

Further, many people who try to remove roots themselves end up doing more damage to their pipes. It's better to leave this job to the experts because if they make a mistake, they'll fix it for free. 

Benefits of Hiring a Plumber

As you can see, there are many times when hiring a professional, licensed plumber is beneficial.

The benefits of doing so are numerous. Plumbers have years of experience and training that homeowners simply do not have. They also have the latest equipment for the job and they are able to perform detailed diagnostics about your pipes that would be impossible for someone who has only seen their own plumbing system.

Plumbers are trained to know the best way of doing things and seek permanent solutions to the problems they encounter on the job. In addition, a reputable plumber will warranty their work, be sure to ask some questions before hiring just any plumber.

Get Help When You Need It

There are many great things about doing things yourself, but you need to step back and ask for help when you need it. Knowing when to ask for help can be tricky, but this article will help you determine when to be adventurous by trying something on your own and when to call a licensed plumber for help.

Either way, good luck with your plumbing issues. If you need help in Austin, please give us a call. We look forward to serving you.