A Brief and Easy Guide to Smart Water Heaters

Easy Guide to Smart Water Heaters

Bathing without hot water can be frustrating.

Have you ever found yourself turning the knob but no hot water? Do you even know how much hot water costs you? There’s a solution for all your questions and the answer lies with a smart water heater.

A water heater is an important piece to the puzzle of your home and accounts for roughly 18% of your home's energy use. It produces hot water with a focus on energy conservation. Without a water heater, you’d have to heat the water manually every time you needed hot water.

Thanks to the technology of the twenty-first century, we not only have normal hot water heaters but smart water heaters that are more efficient.

There are additional costs when water needs to be heated and reheated time and time again. If you’re tired of waiting for the hot water to come, consider investing in a smart water heater.

What is a Smart Water Heater?

Smart water heaters have technology that monitors the water temperature in your tank.

Like other smart appliances, a smart water heater offers more advantages than a standard water heater. This is especially evident when trying to save energy and money which we will touch on later.

Smart water heaters provide a continuous supply of hot water through helpful energy-saving features and capabilities. This temperature management technology can be linked to your mobile device and managed through Wi-Fi and 5G wireless signals.

Not only can you monitor your hot water, but smart water heaters provide you with the ability to monitor energy consumption. All this is accessible from your smartphone and provides real-time information.

This device will monitor your home, relay your heater’s status, set schedules, and adjust on the spot. But how exactly does a system this advanced work?

How Does It Work?

A smart water heater uses water temperature measurements and pairs it with consumption data and preset options. This means hot water on demand when you need it.

If you’re not using the smart water heater you’ll avoid using hot water completely. A standard water heater doesn’t operate this way.

You might need multiple water heaters based on the size of your home. If you have a larger house, there should be more smart water heaters incorporated into the system.

Multiple water heaters can help differentiate the water temperature between your kitchen and bathrooms. This doesn’t mean that a single water heater isn’t more efficient to use.

Conventional water heaters have a thermostat that keeps the water temperature at a specific temperature. All this device can do is turn on the water heater when the temperature is too cold and turn it off when it reached a preferred temperature.

If you’re one of the dozens of individuals that forgets about your hot water heater, don’t worry.

Built-in Assistance

If you’ve ever had a water heater malfunction, you know the struggle of cold showers.

A smart water heater can help detect issues like water leaks as soon as they happen. This problem notification and plumbing help will be delivered to your smartphone.

Built-in leak detection will alert a homeowner if a droplet leaks out of the heater equipment right on their smartphone. If you want further assistance, consider getting your smart water heater linked to a good plumber. Plumbing companies will be notified of any issues and help you fix the problem as soon as possible.

This technology helps elevate the worries that come with checking a water heater.

It’s all a press of a button away. Smart water heaters even have their own helpful applications that act as a database for additional plumbing tools.

Benefits of a Smart Water Heater

Aside from managing the temperature of your water, smart water heaters have dozens of benefits that we’ve already covered.

Safety, energy saved, and money saved all fall under this bracket.

As mentioned above, built-in assistance from your smart heater can provide a level of safety commercial heaters cannot. If there’s a leak, you can power off your heater and immediately deal with the situation. This will prevent a flooded basement and hundreds of dollars spent on needless repairs.

Although smart water heaters cost more upfront, they save you more throughout their lifespan. With electricity charges altering throughout the day, a smart water heater can act as a thermal battery. This means these heaters use their power only when electricity is at its cheapest.

Not only does this save money, but it also saves energy.

Lowering the temperature can be done at any time if you’re not home or on vacation. This is all done through the push of a button.

We also mentioned that smart water heaters are able to adjust energy levels. Inside the device are sensor-based readings for the thermometer that acts as a motion detector.

The benefits of a smart water heater are endless. Get yourself additional plumbing help by purchasing a smart heater today.

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