7 Signs You Have a Water Main Line Problem

Signs You Have a Water Main Line Problem
On average, an American uses around 80-100 gallons of water per day. It may not seem like much as you go through your day, but it quickly adds up.

Most of us take our running water for granted; we don't notice how much we rely on it until we have problems with our plumbing.

To prevent these issues from even arising in the first place, you need to know all the warning signs. That way, you can get them taken care of promptly before you lose all access to water.

Here are 7 signs you have a water main line problem so you can spot them quickly before they become serious issues.

1. Multiple Clogged Drains

It's natural for your drains to get clogged. The buildup of hair and other debris happens over time.

But if multiple drains in your home are getting clogged, then that might be a sign there's something wrong with your main line. This is especially true if they're all clogged at the same time.

Usually, when drains get clogged, it's due to debris in each individual pipe. But when all your drains get stuffed up simultaneously, this indicates a possible clog in the water main line, which is much further down.

If you notice that all your pipes acting sluggish, then this is a warning sign that you may need water main line repair.

2. There's Low Water Pressure

This issue is very similar to the previous one. This is because you'll likely experience low water pressure in a fixture at some point during your residence, and that's completely normal. It just means you have a problem with that particular fixture.

However, if you notice that there's low water pressure in all your fixtures, then that's another sign that you probably have a water main line problem. This can be due to a clog that's in there, not in your fixtures.

Not only can it indicate a clog, but low water pressure is one of the signs of a water main leak as well. You'll want to get this fixed by professionals pronto.

3. Your Water Is Discolored

This is a very obvious sign that something is wrong with your water main line. Obviously, your water should come out clear, with no sediment.

If the water coming out of your fixtures is discolored, this means there's probably a leak. Not only will this let sediment in, but it'll also let heavy metals in as well. This can be very dangerous to either drink or bathe in.

Again, like with the other two points, if the water is only discolored from one fixture, then it's probably an isolated issue. But if it's coming out funky on all your fixtures, then it's most likely a problem with your water main line.

4. Your Fixtures Are Noisy

When everything's working perfectly, there should be no noises coming from any of your fixtures.

Have you noticed a banging sound coming from your pipes when you use the water? Or does your toilet start gurgling when you use the sink?

Then, these are some warning signs that your water main line has a problem and also a sign telling you to hire a plumber.

5. Your Utility Bills Are Higher Than Normal

If you haven't changed how you use your water and your utility bills keep increasing every month, then that's a serious sign that something's wrong.

Rising water costs mean you have a leak somewhere, and it's most likely in the water main line. This can be especially true if you've looked everywhere in your house and don't notice any leaks. The issue is most likely further down the pipes.

6. Your Yard Looks Flooded

A huge sign that you have a broken water main line is when your yard looks a bit flooded.

Sure, it can be a result of you overwatering (either manually or through your sprinkler system), but if you've adjusted your watering habits and are still seeing pools of water everywhere in your yard, then you might have an issue with your water main line.

If it's gotten to this point, then it can be a symptom of a huge leak. It goes without saying that you need to call a plumber straight away if you see puddles in your yard.

7. You're Getting Pests

Homes are prone to pests, but if you get a sudden infestation, then you might have something wrong with your water pipe. This is because many pests thrive in humidity and moisture.

The problem with a broken water main line to your house is that leaks can occur anywhere, either inside or outside.

As we've mentioned above, your yard might look flooded, which is a tell-tale sign that you've got a water main line issue. But there are more subtle ways water can leak, and you may not notice them.

While a pest infestation doesn't necessarily mean you have an issue with your main line, it should still be a cause for concern. This is especially true if you've noticed other signs on this list as well.

Spot These Water Main Line Problems Quickly

Now that you know some key signs of a water main line problem, you can quickly spot them if they rear their ugly heads.

You should immediately call a professional plumber after noticing these signs. They can get to the root cause of your issues and promptly take care of them so you get flowing water again without worrying about your water main line.

Have you noticed any of these signs and need the water main line repaired? Then request a plumbing estimate now.