6 Obvious Signs Your Home Needs a Gas Line Repair (and a Few Sneaky Signs)

Home needs a gas line repair
1. Hissing Sound

When a gas line has a hole or crack, the fuel will escape. Some of these holes are too tiny to detect with your naked eyes. However, you can hear the sound of gas escaping through the crack regardless of how small it is.

The hissing sound is notable as the gas exits the pipe. If you happen to hear the hissing sound, shut off the gas valve immediately to prevent it from flooding your home.

Swift action to solve the problem is your only option. Therefore, it’s crucial to ask your local plumber in Austin if their residential services include gas line repair.

2. Unusual Smell

Natural gas is odorless. However, mercaptan is added in order to create a pungent smell, often compared to rotten eggs or sulfur. It’s normal to smell this faintly when using your home’s appliances.

A strong smell of rotten eggs is an indication of a gas leak. You might want to call in an expert for a repair immediately to avoid an escalation of the problem.

Also, familiarize yourself with this nasty smell in advance to help you detect when there's a leak present.

3. Corrosion and Rust

You need to protect your piping from moisture. The line itself is likely to corrode and rust if it comes into contact with water. A corroded metal line can be a hazard as it can wear out over time.

Most homeowners tend to ignore a rusting metal gas line, especially if it's less notable. However, the rusting is likely to extend, and the possible damage can escalate within no time.

Note that wiping away the rusty metal won't solve the issue. You need to have your plumbing checked.

A plumber will be in a better place to determine if the corrosion or rust is something you should be worried about. The first sign of rust should have you calling your plumber in Austin immediately.

4. Withering Flowers and Plants

Americans spend about 93% of their time indoors. To make the indoor space more welcoming and serene, many have invested in houseplants. Due to the mental benefits of these plants, owners tend to take good care of them.

Now, imagine having your flowers withering away within a short time despite your efforts. It can be disheartening, and worse still, it might be a sign that your gas line has a problem.

Your dying plants are one of the indications that you need a gas line inspection.

Natural gas kills off plants in a few days. If you can't explain the plant withering that seems to happen all of a sudden, a pressure test is necessary.

5. Increasing Health Concerns

Leaking gas can lead to critical health concerns. Exposure to the leaking for long can deny your body sufficient oxygen.

Natural gas is toxic and can lead to unexplainable health concerns.

Issues such as headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, and fatigue can be a sign of oxygen deprivation. This will further lead to irregular or difficult breathing, chest pains, and flu-like symptoms. A combination of these symptoms without a known underlying health condition might mean you have been overexposed to natural gas.

If you’re in Austin, Texas, check out customer reviews to get a reliable company to address your leaking lines. In the meantime, ensure that you get your family to safety, as continued exposure to this gas can be fatal.

6. Skyrocketing Utility Bills

Have you noticed a sudden increase in the average monthly utility bill? When your gas line is leaking, the utility bill will skyrocket in an unexplainable way.

A problematic gas line will make you use more fuel than you usually do. The utility cost will surge, meaning that the amount you pay in a month will increase significantly. If you have noticed a change in your utility bills, it’s time to know how to check the gas line for leaks.

A faulty line can have you losing a fortune in the long run, it's likely less of a repair cost if you address it before it's an emergency. Even when the leak doesn't feel like it's significant, have it inspected? The ultimate damage, which can be in financial losses and health challenges, should prompt you to call your plumber as soon as you identify signs of a leak.

You Need To Consider a Gas Line Repair as Soon as You Notice a Leak

Gas leaks can have adverse impacts on you and your family. It would help to know some of the signs of a leaking gas line to get help before the issue escalates. The signs, which include a hissing sound, smell, or noticeable rust, should get you calling your plumber immediately.

Some signs such as dying houseplants and health symptoms might go unnoticed if you're not keen. It would help to observe regular professional inspections for the timely repair of any damaged pipes.

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