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Residential Plumbing Video Inspection in Boise, ID

With all that Mr. Rooter® plumbers can do for the plumbing in your home, we must constantly advance our services and techniques with new technology that can allow us to get the job done more thoroughly. Making sure that we always have the most up to date tools and equipment paired with the training and experience that you have come to rely on is very important for the team at Mr. Rooter. And the Mr. Rooter plumbers in Boise, Idaho are no exception. We are proud of our commitment of constantly updating our services to allow us to work better for you. State of the art equipment, knowledge and skills and a customer service that can’t be beat is why so many home and business owners count on Mr. Rooter each and every day. “There’s a reason they call us Mr!”

One of the jobs we get called for most often is for pesky clogged drains. Clogged drains can surface anywhere you have a drain. Sinks, tubs, showers and even your toilet can get a clog in the drain lines. You will most often notice this by your drain starting to drain slower than it used to. While this is a mere annoyance at first, sooner or later the drain will clog completely and you will not be able to use it anymore. Another job we perform often is that of troubleshooting a leaking pipe or drain. You will either notice this by obvious water in your home or outside of it. If the leak is underground, then often you will see an accumulation of water in your grass or landscaping. With problems like this happening to homes and businesses quite frequently, it was important for us to develop a new way to determine where exactly the problem is located and what the issue is. We have always had the tools to do this properly, but not as efficient as we would have liked. With the new use of video camera inspection, we are able to diagnose problems far more efficiently than we could in the past, which saves you time on getting the issue fixed!

With video camera inspection equipment, we are very easily able to actually see where the problem is located without digging up your yard or walls of your home. Using the video camera, we can pinpoint exactly where the problem lies and then pinpoint where and what to fix, allowing us to work quicker and more accurately. Since there are so many reasons that a pipe could leak or a drain could clog, video camera equipment shows us the source of the problem along with the problem itself. If the problem is underground, it is often a tree or bush root that has infiltrated the drain or pipe. Video camera inspection equipment has also been used to locate jewelry or other valued items that have mistakenly been washed or flushed down a drain. Using video cameras is far more accurate than older, more traditional methods of diagnosing and treating any kind of pipe or drain problem.

Troubleshooting is a common plumbing project. Customers will call and have no idea why their plumbing system isn’t working correctly and our video camera equipment permits us to see where our eyes cannot. We are then able to see if there are broken or collapsed pipes due to frozen ground or shifting soil, pipe corrosion from old or deteriorated pipes, leaking joints in the seals between the pipes, root penetration from nearby trees or simply low grade pipes that are not made of sturdy material that will last through time. Once we see the problem through the video camera, then we can discuss what will be the best method for repair or replacement.

Mr. Rooter is the industry leader with up to date, state of the art equipment such as video camera inspections. Our video cameras can see more and allow us to repair more accurately the plumbing problems that everyone faces every day. Other methods are effective, but will usually take longer and in some circumstances create more damage while just trying to find where the problem is located. When you choose Mr. Rooter in Boise and our most effective techniques and training, you will save yourself time and money with each and every job that we do. We have been trusted for years for all of your plumbing needs, and video camera inspection equipment just allows us to do our job even better!

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