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Is Your Water Heater Ready For Extra Work?

Over the summer months, it is easy to let the housework go to the wayside in favor of spending time outdoors in the warm weather. But, in the cold weather months people come indoors out of the cold, and those corners of clutter and disorganization just won’t do.

Along with your list of indoor cleaning tasks, make sure to add plumbing maintenance chores too. No, not the most fun thing to think about but, very important to the overall operation of your home. And, especially important if you plan on having houseguests in the coming weeks.

Here are some tips for getting your water heater in top working order:

  • Check to make sure the pressure valve is working properly. Outside of your water heater tank is a valve that looks similar to an air gauge. This valve is designed to measure the level of pressure that is building inside of your water heater tank, and then release some pressure via steam as it gets too high.
  • Talk with your plumbing professional about recommendations for having your water heater tank drained. Over time, the water inside of the tank leaves behind mineral deposits that sink to the bottom of the tank. Under the tank as part of the system is a heating element that is powered by electricity or gas. If there is a thick enough layer of sediment collected at the bottom of the tank, the heating element cannot effectively heat the water in the tank. Draining the tank removes that layer of sediment and gives you a fresh start.
  • The cold weather is harder on your water heater than any level of wear and tear. Go the extra step and wrap your water heater in an insulated water heater blanket. When your water heater sits in a cold environment like the garage, it is vulnerable to the cold temperatures.

While the summer weather inspires people to be outdoors enjoying the warmth of the great outdoors, the consequence is ignoring small issues around the house – like little plumbing leaks or troubles. Now is the time to make those small problems a big priority – especially before your friends and family arrive.