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The Most Common Garbage Disposal Failures

February is the month when many people think about how to celebrate the day of love – Valentine’s Day. Some like to do something really big and go out for a specially planned day. While others, prefer just doing something at home that is small and sincere.

For instance, if you are working on preparing the special meal, and you suddenly have a sink clog – this would put a major damper on the loving mood. In fact, instead of a delicious meal you will have a sink full of bacteria-laden water.

Thankfully, there are some troubleshooting measures that you can take depending on the symptoms of your garbage disposal issue. And, the sooner you get the problem diagnosed and addressed, the sooner you can move on with your celebration.

Here are some of the more common garbage disposal issues:

  • The most common garbage disposal issue is a clog. When you rinse food scraps into the garbage disposal, the blades inside work to breakdown the big chunks into a pulp that then rinses out of the attached pipe with the pressure of the water you are running into the drain. But, if you put things like pieces of pineapple or chunks of steak into the disposal, the blades can get overwhelmed and won’t be able to breakdown the food. This means that the attached pipe becomes clogged, and the water cannot escape the sink.
  • The next common issue is a solid mass that has been inadvertently rinsed into the drain. This is usually in the form of a rogue piece of silverware. If the item is long enough to be sticking up out of the drain, then you can carefully grab it. But, if it is way down in the garbage disposal, the safest way to approach this is to unplug the disposal, grab a flashlight, and then reach your hand or some tongs into the disposal and pull item out.

If you are planning a quiet dinner at home for the heart holiday, making sure that you have all of the right ingredients and tools is an important part of the planning. This includes, making sure that your plumbing system is in good working condition.