Plumbing problems can strike at the worst possible times. Right before work, in the middle of the night, or while entertaining guests. Sometimes, they give no warning at all, while others show signs of trouble for months. The difference between avoiding larger plumbing issues and not most often comes down to your plumbing maintenance plan. Regular drain cleaning, attentive repairs, and frequent pipe inspections can help prevent plumbing nightmares such as severe leaks, pipe bursts, and sewer backups. In a perfect world, homeowners would always stay on top of plumbing problems, but unfortunately, we know it's not always possible. That's where a reliable Nashville plumber really shows their worth.

Everyone needs a reliable plumber. That's a plain fact. But the Nashville plumbers you choose greatly affect the kind of service you receive, so it's a choice you should consider wisely. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Hendersonville, we offer a higher level of service that differs from other local plumbing companies. From our professional plumbers to our comprehensive range of solutions, we're confident you'll be pleased with your experience when utilizing our quality services.

Looking for more information about the type of services we offer? Read on for the details on our wide range of plumbing repairs, installations, and maintenance.

Reliable Plumbing Services Offered By Your Nashville Plumbers

Whether you're a home or business owner, the Nashville plumber you choose should be skilled in a wide variety of plumbing problems. The last thing you need is to call an additional service to tackle an issue with your pipes, so it makes sense to hire a crew that can handle it all. That's exactly what you'll get when choosing Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Hendersonville for your commercial or residential plumbing service.

We're known for our comprehensive offering and skilled service within each and every repair or installation we perform. A few of our most popular services include:

Drain Cleaning Service

Drain cleaning can be a form of preventative maintenance, but it can also be a solution to your clogged drains. It's important that drains are cleaned regularly to prevent issues such as clogs, water leaks, burst pipes, cracked pipes, and sewer backups. Most of these issues involve complicated repairs, and many require excavation. With this in mind, isn't it a better idea to stay on top of regular cleaning to prevent them? During our drain services, you can expect the following:

  • Video Camera Inspection. Our expert plumbers will thoroughly inspect your pipes with our video camera to find where the clog is located or if there is any damage present. Based on what we find, we'll progress to the next step in the process.

  • HydroScrub® Jetting. If your drains are in good shape, we'll use a strong blast of water to effectively clean them. This special service removes clogs and soft buildup, such as grease and oil, that can cause drain clogs in the future.

  • Enzymatic Drain Care Treatment. An eco-friendly, non-toxic drain cleaning solution, an enzymatic drain cleaner will introduce good bacteria to your pipes to assist in the breakdown of fats, grease, and food particles. It's the final step in our drain cleaning service that will coat your pipes and continue to help break down soft deposits going forward without causing corrosion.

Clogged Drains

While drain cleaning is more so used to keep your pipes completely clear, clogged drain care effectively removes clogs from your plumbing system. We offer two methods to clear your drains:

  1. HydroScrub® Jetting: A powerful blast of water that pushes through clogs is the appropriate solution for many homes. If your pipes are in good condition, we'll use this to dislodge the blockage.

  2. Drain Snaking: We don't always recommend HydroScrub® Jetting to clear plumbing systems of clogs. Older pipes may not stand up well against the high water pressure, and you may prefer to have your clog removed by alternative methods. Drain snaking or augering involves the use of a long wire we insert down your drain to reach the clog. The end of the wire has a bristled head and sharp points to break through hard, stubborn clogs. We'll use the auger to bust through the blockage and pull it out.

Leaky Pipes

Leaking pipes can occur due to old age, regular wear and tear, or neglect. To address your leaky pipes, we'll need to shut off the water supply before performing the necessary repairs. In most cases, we will either line the cracked section of the pipe or replace it completely. To find out which method is best, we'll start out with a thorough inspection. The solution will vary depending on the severity of the issue.

Water Heater Repair

Having access to hot water is crucial. It helps us effectively clean our homes, clothes, and bodies. Without it, showers are too cold to enjoy, and dishes don't come out quite as spotless. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Hendersonville, we repair both electric and gas heaters as well as traditional and tankless units. Some of the most common issues we address concern the thermostat, heating element, tank, and water line.

Water Line Installation

Your water line brings fresh water into your home. Water line installation is one of the first steps in the building process. If you are in the early stages of building your home, you will need the key service completed. If you already have a water line installed but need a new one, ask us about our water line replacement service.

Sewer Line Repair

While water lines carry fresh water into your home, sewer lines carry wastewater away from your home. Because wastewater often contains elements that it should not (baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, food, etc.), sewer lines often encounter damage. Other factors that damage sewer lines include tree roots, daily wear and tear, corrosion, and old age. We offer various forms of sewer line repair that include both trenchless and traditional methods.

  • Trenchless Sewer Line Repair. Our trenchless methods include pipe relining and pipe bursting. If your sewer line has collapsed, we will need to go the traditional route. Pipe relining involves coating your existing pipe with an epoxy sleeve that hardens and covers small cracks, holes, and corrosion. Pipe bursting involves hydraulic equipment that breaks apart your old pipe so we can slide a new one in its place.

  • Traditional Sewer Line Repair. In the event that your pipes cannot be relined, we'll need to replace them. To do this, excavation is required, but we make sure that the process is as efficient as possible to get you back into your normal routine.

Commercial Plumbing Services

No matter what kind of business owner you are, you likely have some form of plumbing running through your property. From staff toilets and sinks for 1–2 employees to facilities that see hundreds of guests daily, you need to stay on top of plumbing issues as they emerge. That's the value of having a Nashville plumber you can count on. We have experience working with all kinds of commercial properties and offer convenient and emergency plumbing services to ensure your business runs without a hitch.

24-Hour Emergency Plumber

Sometimes, plumbing issues occur in the middle of the night. We offer round-the-clock service to ensure they're dealt with quickly. Our emergency service helps with issues that need immediate attention, including leaks that cause flooding, pipe bursts, sewer backup, and clogs that won't budge. No matter what time of the day you need help, we'll always answer your call.

Additional Services Offered By Your Plumbers in Nashville, TN

  • Drain repair

  • Frozen pipe repair

  • Sump pump services

  • Garbage disposal repair

  • Grease trap maintenance

  • Water softener installation

  • Sewer camera inspection

  • And more!

What To Expect When You Call Our Nashville Plumbing Company

Mr. Rooter Plumbing isn't your average plumbing company in Nashville, TN. We're the licensed plumber you can count on to take care of all of your most pressing plumbing needs. With our wide range of services, we're the only company you'll need to call for both simple and more complicated repairs, installations, and maintenance. So, what can you expect when choosing our qualified team? Here's a rundown of our general process.

Excellent Customer Service

Resolving your plumbing issue starts when you call our friendly customer service team. We will answer any questions you have about the services we offer and can book you in at a time that works for your schedule. Always respectful, kind, and courteous, it's a difference you'll notice from the very first interaction you have with our team.

Convenient Appointment Times

Waiting around for a plumber who never arrives isn't high on anyone's list of desires. That's why we offer scheduled appointment times that work with your life. With both weekend and evening time slots, we ensure you get the help you need at a time that makes sense. Should you ever have a plumbing emergency, you can count on us for a prompt arrival no matter what time it happens to be.

Thorough Inspections

After we arrive, we'll thoroughly investigate the issue to fully understand the situation. This part is key in determining the next steps of your service, as well as providing the service price. During your inspection, we'll either examine your property to gauge the installation or uncover the root of your problem. What we find during this step will help us figure out the right course of action to go forward with.

Upfront, Flat-Rate Pricing

After your inspection, we'll know the appropriate type of repair needed or understand what the installation process will entail and will provide you with the service cost. With us, there will never be any hidden fees or unexpected surcharges. The service cost we provide you with before your service begins is exactly what you'll pay when it's complete.

Professional Service

During your service, our skilled plumbers will be respectful of your home and work diligently to complete the job. Because we offer upfront, flat-rate pricing, even if the process does take us longer than anticipated, you won't be charged for it. Throughout your service, you can expect our experienced plumbers to correctly diagnose the issue, perform the correct repair, and clean up after they're done.

Expert Advice

After your repair or installation is complete, you can rely on us for professional advice to help maintain your plumbing system in between maintenance. We always recommend regular maintenance for both residential and commercial properties and will pass along useful tips and information to prevent plumbing disasters. The best way to stop larger plumbing issues from occurring is to perform regular maintenance, and if you would like to schedule routine services, we're more than happy to help.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing: The Nashville Plumbers You Can Trust

Your plumbing system is arguably one of the most important in your home or business. Supplying fresh water and carrying away wastewater keeps your property sanitary, safe, and comfortable. There are many different facets of plumbing, including your water line, sewer line, hot water heater, and plumbing fixtures such as outdoor faucets, sinks, showers, garbage disposals, and more. All of these components encounter a unique set of issues that require the attention of a professional technician to resolve.

From pipe leaks and broken pipes to tankless water heater installation and toilet repair, it pays to have a company that's skilled in a wide range of services. That's Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Hendersonville. Handling small and complex plumbing repairs, installations, and maintenance, we're the qualified plumbers you can count on day and night.

We don't expect you to just take our word for it though, you should most definitely check out our customer reviews, ratings, and photo gallery to find out what our clients think and view our work! We pride ourselves on delivering complete customer satisfaction.

Want to get to know us better? Meet the team here or get in touch with our friendly customer service representatives. We can be reached by phone or online contact form.

We are proud to serve Nashville and the surrounding areas, including Hendersonville, Hermitage, Madison, East Nashville, Goodlettsville, and more. Whether you have a question or would like to request a service, we have all your plumbing problems under control!

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