Drain Snake or Hydro-Jet, Which is the Right Option?

Houston homeowners know that sooner or later you are going to have to deal with a clogged drain. Knowing which tool to use can help you correct the issue properly, so your clog doesn’t creep back and rear its ugly head at next month’s family gathering.

The average homeowner in Houston can likely handle a drain snake or hand auger to tackle a minor drain clog. A more complex or deeper drain clog will require a professional plumber and a tool such as a motorized auger or a hydro-jet. The key is knowing what kind of clog you have and what the best tool is for the job.

What Is a Drain Snake or Auger?

There are two types of plumbing snakes, a straight snake for sinks or a J -bend for toilets. A drain snake or auger is basically a long metal cable with either a corkscrew auger or blades attached at one of the ends. A crank at the other end is turned to move the cable down the pipe until it reaches the clog. Continuing to turn the crank will either break up the clog, or the clog will attach to the coil and come out when you pull the cable out.

What Is Hydro-Jetting?

Hydro-jetting is a high-pressure water system used to clear pipes. After a professional plumber uses a camera to ensure the pipe is intact, a hose with a unique nozzle design goes down the pipe. A highly pressurized, specially formulated solution travels through the hose and down the pipe removing grease, oil, hair, tree roots, and other debris.

Which Tool Is the Right One?

A drain snake, while more affordable and available at your local hardware store, is only able to handle small clogs that haven’t made it past the trap. Hydro- jetting service from a professional plumber is a better option if you have a sewer line clog or if other methods are not effective in treating your clogs.

Homes with plumbing systems that have weaker pipes that might not be able to withstand pressurized cleaning should also consider using a drain snake. A professional plumber will have a motorized version to fix deep stubborn clogs.

Your best bet in determining what type of clog you have and what tool is right for the job requires a call to your local Houston professional plumbing company Mr. Rooter.

If you need help in resolving your drain clog issues, contact Mr. Rooter in Houston today, and we will send one of our trained technicians to evaluate and correct your drain issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.