How To Keep Your Toilet From Breaking

According to a study done by the National Association of Home Builders, the toilets inside of your home have an unlimited lifespan, but the components inside of the tank that make the toilet flush will wear down over time.

In other words, the mechanisms inside of your toilet should be well-maintained and taken care of in order to make sure that they work for as long as possible before needing to replace them.

The reason that these items break down over time is because they are soaking in water all the time. Until the toilet is flushed, the tank is full of water and the components inside are covered in that water. If the water in your home has a high mineral content, the build-up and residue on the components of your toilet could be high, making them break down faster.

Also, if you are in the habit of keeping a bowl cleaning tablet in the tank that adds some cleaning chemicals to the toilet water when it flushes, the components of your toilet will break down faster due to the chemicals. These chemicals are usually very caustic and will cause damage to the porcelain of your toilet as well as the components in the tank.

Some of the maintenance steps that you can take to protect your toilet include:

  • Do not use cleaning tablets that sit in the tank of your toilet. Instead use an under the rim squirt bottle of cleaner that is used directly in the bowl. Carefully, scrub the inside of the bowl with a bristle brush being careful not to scratch the bowl.
  • Check around the base of the toilet on a regular basis for signs of leaks. Also, make sure the integrity of the sealant is intact and there aren’t any pieces missing. This could cause any condensation that builds up on your toilet bowl from a hot shower to drip down into the subfloor.
  • At least one time per month, make sure to lift the lid off of the tank of your toilet and check the components to make sure there are no signs of damage. This includes the rubber flapper getting a good seal and the pull chain being properly connected.

Make sure that your toilet receives proper maintenance by following these tips. Also, avoid flushing any items down the toilet that are not flushable as this will cause damage to the plumbing system.

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