Mr. Rooter Plumbing Understands Houston Area’s Challenges

All Houston Mr. Rooter locations are locally owned and operated, so you can trust that your plumber knows the challenges of keeping a healthy plumbing system in your area. Our insured and licensed plumbers come to your home or place of business, inspect the situation, and offer an estimate before work even begins. We want you to be informed at every step in the process.

Plumbing Video Camera Inspections

Our plumbing video camera technology takes the guesswork out of plumbing. By inserting a small camera into the pipes, we can see exactly what is going on at every point in pipeline. This method is non-invasive, accurate, and, best of all, cost-effective.

Video camera inspections are ideal for finding and retrieving lost personal items, inspecting a potential home before you buy, inspecting your current plumbing situation before a remodel project, and checking the condition of the septic system. This process allows us to find the cause of any blockages or other issues and determine the best solution without taking apart your entire home. Ask about plumbing video camera inspections today.

Plumbing Repairs

Don’t wait for small problems to become bigger, more expensive ones. Schedule an affordable plumbing repair appointment with Mr. Rooter today. Listen to the messages your plumbing system is telling you and get expert advice from our dedicated team.

When a garbage disposal doesn’t grind properly but the motor still hums, makes louder noises than usual, turns off unexpectedly, or leaks, then it is time to have it checked. Your ventilation system is trying to tell you something is wrong when you smell strange odors, find mold growth from high humidity, get headaches or allergy symptoms, or have high energy bills. Check if your hydronic heating system is boiling over, has leaking pipes, has frozen pipes, or regular breakdowns. If you experience any of these issues, call us to take care of the problem.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps prevent water damage from flooding. We perform annual sump pump checks to keep your home safe from flood damage. We check for issues caused by improper installation, clogged pumps, overfilling basins, continuously running pumps, and stuck switches. We offer repairs for new sump pump installations, battery backup, battery replacement, and more. The sump pump is often overlooked and requires training to service, so call our expert team today.