5 Common Causes of Plumbing Leaks

If you’ve ever heard your sink faucet dripping overnight, you know how frustrating and concerning plumbing leaks can be. While these leaks may seem like minor annoyances on the surface, they could be indicative of a larger problem. Common causes of leaky plumbing include water pressure issues, pipe damage, and climate harm.

Pipe Corrosion

Over time, your pipes will age and corrosive substances such as rust will form throughout your plumbing system. This corrosion eats away at your pipes, creating openings for water to leak out. Discoloration or warping can be signs of corrosion. If your plumbing is 30 years old or older, consider immediate replacement. The material in older pipes cannot withstand corrosion as much as newer pipes can.

Seal Damage

During installation, your plumber places watertight seals on your pipes wherever they connect to a fixture, such as a sink. These seals can degrade over time, causing leaks at their source. If you notice puddles of water around an appliance, this may be a sign that one of your seals is damaged.

High Water Pressure

Pipes can only withstand a certain water pressure level before they start to give out. The harder your water hits the pipes, the more it damages them. Sometimes, this pressure can even lead to bursting pipes. More often, you will notice a periodic leak after you turn an appliance off.

Drastic Temperature Change

During times of extreme cold and heat, metal pipes expand and contract with the temperature. If you live in a climate where freezing cold days suddenly replace extremely hot ones and vice versa, this can wreak havoc on your pipes. Rapid and drastic temperature changes can cause your pipes to expand or contract quickly, causing cracks, leaks, even bursts.

Untreated Drain Clogs

Clogs may seem like a slight annoyance around the home, but like leaks, they could be a sign of an underlying issue. Sometimes, these clogs can contain corrosive materials and toxic chemicals that could eat at your pipe and cause leaks.

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