Springtime Plumbing Pointers

Spring cleaning time has arrived. We understand that getting the dust and debris out of the interior of your home after the colder months have passed is a lot of work. However, it may be even more important that homeowners in Houston, Texas do not forget to attend to their plumbing systems this spring. Unclean inside areas of your home are uncomfortable for sure but leaving the inner-workings of your house uncleaned can have disastrous effects.

Fortunately, we have compiled a few easy tasks you can add to your to-do list in order to help you maintain your home's plumbing fixtures, pipes, and drains. These steps can assist you in saving money, preventing leaks, and keeping your home in great shape throughout the year. Here are a few tips on what to tackle in your home.


  • Take time to look underneath your sinks. Make sure your pipe joints do not have any leaks. If you detect a faucet leak, don't ignore it. Not addressing a leak can waste several gallons of water per day.
  • Clear out and clean any slow-draining pipes. If you don't have drain protectors installed already, consider purchasing them this spring. Drain strainers can catch debris, hair, and other particles that tend to go down sinks and cause clogs before they make their way into your piping system.
  • Wash and rinse out the aerators within showerhead. Unscrew your showerhead, separate the aerator, and wash out and rinse it to eliminate calcium residue that has accumulated over time.


  • Just like you did in the bathroom, look at your sinks to see if there are any loose or leaking joints. If you identify any problems, plan to have a professional make repairs as soon as possible.
  • Conduct routine maintenance procedures on your garbage disposal. First, put some ice in your disposal and run it in order to clear up residue that has collected on the blades. Don't forget to check underneath the sink for any leaks while you’re at it.
  • Run hot water through your kitchen sink's drain to clear it out. However, refrain from using any store-bought drain cleaners, as they can do serious damage to your piping system.
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