Good Garbage Disposal Habits

Living in Houston in the summer can have homeowners wondering about clogged drains and plumbing problems that carry over from winter and spring. While it is a great idea to have your plumbing regularly inspected for preventative maintenance, there are good habits you can adopt to help keep clogs in the kitchen away this summer.

A List of Things That Shouldn’t Go Down Your Garbage Disposal

  • Coffee grounds used to be used to keep smells out of the drains of kitchens, but this has proven to be a repair waiting to happen. Put the grounds in your compost, so they don’t form a paste and clog up your garbage disposal.
  • Noodles expand in water, and they don’t stop. If you run the pasta through your garbage disposal without enough water, or you dispose of too much, you could create a clog.
  • Don’t put bones down your drain. Your garbage disposal isn’t made to grind up hard bones, so you should avoid this, so you don’t have a major clog or the need for a new garbage disposal.
  • Oatmeal can clog your drains and cause damage because it expands and creates a paste that attaches to the walls of your pipes.
  • Egg shells are not good for your garbage disposal because the membrane in the eggshell can get caught on the impeller.
  • Paper towels or other paper shouldn’t go in a garbage disposal.
  • Peels from onions, bananas, and potatoes can all damage or clog your disposal.
  • Paint can stick to the blades and walls of your garbage disposal and clog your pipes when it hardens.
  • Shells and pits should go in the trash instead of your garbage disposal.

Running a Garbage Disposal Properly

When you run your disposal, use cold water before and after you start putting food into the disposal. Turn the disposal on and then put food into it for the grinding process. Allow small amounts of food into the disposal at a time, so it has time to grind the food and then wash it down the drain. When you are finished grinding up your food waste, allow the water to run a little longer to make sure all the debris gets pushed through the drain.

If you have any questions about your garbage disposal, need repairs, or want an upgraded unit, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Houston is just a phone call away!