Prevention Tips for Summer’s Most Common Plumbing Problems | Mr. Rooter Houston

We might not think of summer as a time for plumbing issues, but the hot weather and summer activities can cause some plumbing issues unique to the warmer season. Many of these issues can be prevented with some simple tips. Follow these tips to keep your plumbing in tip-top shape all season long.

  • Watch what goes in the garbage disposal. While the garbage disposal is a handy tool for kitchen cleanup, we can’t just throw everything in there. Grease and cooking oils can easily build up and create clogs. Pits from fruits like peaches and cherries, as well as corn cobs and watermelon rinds, can all be too hard for a garbage disposal to break down. Throw these items in the trash instead of the sink.
  • Check your sump pump throughout the season. Summer storms that cause unexpected downpours can tax the basement’s sump pump. Be sure yours is in good working order before another big storm hits to prevent water damage and mold in the basement.
  • Keep an eye on the washing machine. Summer fun, like days spent at the pool or beach, can mean piles of extra laundry. Check your machine regularly for signs of overheating, leaking, or kinked hoses. Move the machine a little away from the wall to help it run more smoothly and prevent issues.
  • Don’t let sand clog the shower drain. All the extra playtime outside and at the beach means we track in more dirt, sand, and other debris in the summer. Rinse off at the beach if possible, or with a hose outside to keep that dirt out of your shower. You can also use a drain cover to catch larger particles, as well as drain-clogging hair.
  • Lower your sprinkler heads when mowing. If the sprinkler system is up when you mow, you risk damage that can lead to larger issues for the whole system. Check in periodically for any other signs of damage too.

Following this advice can keep many of the headaches of summer plumbing issues at bay. If you find any plumbing problems this summer, give Mr. Rooter of Houston a call.