Your home's plumbing system needs to be working its best to provide the comfort and safety you should expect within the walls of your own home. Mr. Rooter provides several different residential services to ensure your plumbing system is performing as it should. One of our most used services in Humble is our drain cleaning services. When you experience drain issues, they can start as a minor inconvenience but, in time, can become a costly repair if not addressed. If you notice any changes in the quality of your plumbing system, we can help.

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Common Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

You rely on your plumbing system every day, from showering, cooking, cleaning, and more. When your system isn’t working appropriately, you’ll normally notice one of these three common signs of drain issues. These signs include:

Strange noises.

Our plumbing system should operate relatively quietly. Gurgles can be an indication of a problem within the pipes. You’ll often notice the gurgling most when washing clothes or running your dishwasher.

Bad smells.

When unwanted debris gets stuck in your pipes, it can start to smell. This is noticed most often in the kitchen sink. In many cases, this is caused by food waste becoming stuck in your system. If the smell is coming from the bathroom or smells fouler than food waste, this could be an issue with your sewer pipes.

Standing water/slow drain.

Your water should always quickly disappear down the drain. Water backup can be dangerous to your health and shouldn't be ignored. You should never end up with a ring of residue in your sinks or tub.

What Causes of Drain Issues?

You can prevent most drain clogs with proper awareness of the common trouble areas and causes. Most household drain issues occur either in the kitchen or bathroom. These causes include:

Garbage disposal misuse.

A garbage disposal can handle a lot of food waste, but it isn’t designed to handle all food waste. It is important to be mindful of what is going into your disposal. Certain foods can clump together, forming a ball of decomposing food within your drain.

Shower drain.

If you don’t use a drain guard in your shower, hair can slip into the drain each time you shower. This hair can clump together, creating significant problems to your plumbing if not removed.

Non-flushable items.

Our toilets aren't designed to handle anything beyond waste and toilet paper. It is important not to flush items down the toilet unless you are certain they are flushable. Common items we encounter include baby wipes and feminine care products.

Tree roots.

Mother Nature can cause problems for our pipe systems. Roots are naturally attracted to water, which can cause your pipes to become blocked or damaged.

Mr. Rooter Can Help, Contact Us Now!

Your plumbing system should always be operating at its best. If you’ve noticed problems with your drains, give us a call. We can provide the expert service you need to ensure the problem is properly addressed the first time around. Call for your drain cleaning needs, or request a free estimate online.

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