Mr. Rooter is dedicated to providing exceptional services when it comes to residential sewer lines in Humble. We know that issues with your sewer line can be stressful. You have to worry about unpleasant smells, messy cleanups, and the hassle of determining what the problem is. If you find yourself dealing with a sewer line issue, let us help. Our licensed professionals can quickly assess the problem, providing you with quick solutions to get your plumbing system back on track.

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What Causes Sewer Line Damage?

Your sewer line system can become damaged for several reasons, such as:

Clogged pipes.

This tends to be the most typical cause of sewer line problems. We often forget how deep and complex our sewer line system is. What could start as a minor clog within the pipework of your home can get pushed down further. A serious block is then created that you can't reach. This is often caused by non-flushable items becoming trapped in the system. You may notice your toilet gurgling at random or multiple drains in your home having issues.

Corrosion damage.

The ways in which we treat our water can impact the integrity of our pipes over time. Magnesium and Calcium specifically can create a mineral buildup that can corrode the metal of your pipes over time.


Trees are a lovely addition to any home, but the roots can spell disaster for your sewer line system. Roots actively seek out water sources, making your pipes the perfect spot to wrap around. Once they apply too much pressure, roots can cause pipes to break, crack, and become blocked.

Sewer Line Cleaning

The easiest way to protect your sewer line is through professional cleaning. If you feel you may be experiencing a clog in your drain, we can help. We have the equipment necessary to access and remove any clog, no matter how deep it is within your sewer system. With our hydro-jetting equipment, we can blast through any trouble clog and buildup. This will have your pipes working like new.

Sewer Line Repair

With our video camera equipment, we can snake a camera deep into your sewer line, allowing us to find the exact source of any damage. We can then determine the best method of repair. We use several different non-invasive techniques that can provide the repairs you need without the labor and cost of extensive trench digging.

Sewer Line Installation

The professionals at Mr. Rooter are qualified to install completely new sewer line systems. We provide this service for those who are looking to update their kitchen or bathroom or build an addition to their home. This service may also be necessary for instances where the damage is too complex for repair.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel you are experiencing any issues with your sewer line. Sewer line leaks can be dangerous to your health and your property. We will inspect your system thoroughly, ensuring that we complete the necessary repair the first time. Contact us to learn more.

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