Mr. Rooter is dedicated to providing exceptional plumbing services for residents in Kingwood. We can help address any plumbing concerns you may experience. One of our most popular services is drain cleaning. The drains of your home deal with food, hair, soap residue, and other debris that can impact the health of your system over time. These issues may seem small at first but can create larger concerns over time if left untreated. Drain cleaning can ensure the long life of your pipes, helping you to avoid costly repairs or replacements.

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Effects of a Clogged Drain

Drain issues are one of the easier plumbing issues to detect. You'll notice these issues most often in the kitchen or bathroom since those drains are utilized the most. It is important to have any plumbing issues inspected as soon as you notice them. This helps to prevent any burst pipes or water damage. Common effects include:

Water backup.

Nothing ruins a relaxing shower than looking down and seeing the wastewater surrounding your feet. Water backup is a common symptom of drain problems. You'll also notice this often in your kitchen sink, which can leave a residue of food waste around your sink base. This can pose a threat to your health and should be handled as soon as possible.

Bad odor.

If you notice a bad smell coming from your kitchen sink, you’re likely experiencing stuck food waste. This can cause unwanted smells to enter your home. Other sources of odor can be an issue in the sewer line, so proper detection is key for long-term repair.

Strange sounds.

Water should move quietly through your drain system. Gurgling is often an indicator of a clog within the pipe that is slowing down the natural flow of the water out of your home.

Common Causes of Drain Issues

Residential plumbing has several common causes of drain issues. Most causes can be avoided with proper awareness. These causes include:

Non-flushable bathroom materials.

Our toilets aren’t designed to handle much more than waste and proper toilet paper. Improper materials can quickly cause drain problems that require professional removal. These items include baby wipes, makeup wipes, and feminine care products.

Hair buildup.

When you shower, you naturally shed hair. In addition to that, many individuals shave in the shower. This hair can build up and create a serious clog in your system. Soap residue can add to this issue as well.

Food waste.

Regardless of if you have a garbage disposal or not, there are still certain food items you should be conscious of. Fats and oils can solidify in your drain, clinging to other food waste. This can cause significant problems for your kitchen drain.

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If you notice any change in the quality of your drains, we can help. Our drain cleaning service can have your pipes working like new again in no time. It is important to call a professional before the problem gets worse. This helps to avoid other services that could be more expensive. Call today to learn more about our drain cleaning services in Kingwood, or request a free job estimate online.

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