Water Treatment Services in Houston

To ensure the water your family is using and consuming is safe and sanitary, Mr. Rooter offers a full line of Houston water treatment services. Calcium and mineral deposits in groundwater often bypass municipal water plants, thus finding their way into residential and commercial water lines.

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The downsides to hard water

While not immediately dangerous, drinking water that is contaminated with sediment and other particles can pose long term health risks. In most cases, however, safety is not an immediate concern. Rather, natural minerals such as magnesium and calcium, although harmless to humans, can cause problems with water’s ability to functioning properly in homes and buildings.

Take a look a quick look at your sinks, toilet bowls, and shower basins, and you can tell right away that this is the case. This scaled buildup is the result of mineral accumulation, which can have a number of disadvantages. Here are just a few of them.

  • Ineffectiveness of soaps and detergents – one of the benefits of installing a water softener is the decreased need for soap for bathing and cleaning dishes/laundry. Hard water inhibits the ability of soap to dissolve effectively; more is required for daily tasks, which ends up costing home and business owners more money. Water softeners also make our skin and hair feel cleaner, not to mention clothes more comfortable when washed.
  • Buildup in your plumbing lines – mineral deposits can effectively ruin your plumbing pipes, essentially rendering them useless over time. This is why it is imperative to install a water softener system as soon as possible. Wear and tear leads to increased costs over time, so that investment will pay itself off sooner rather than later.
  • Water spots on dishes – there is nothing nastier than dingy dishes and silverware, which is exactly what you get when you use wash with hot water. A water softener system can get rid of the scum and debris, so your family can enjoy a cleaner, more sanitary eating experience!

There are many reasons to install Houston water softeners and filtration systems, the above of which are just a few. Get in touch with the team at Mr. Rooter today to setup a free consultation.

We can help you decide which product is best for your needs (we strongly recommend having both installed if your home currently lacks them), so do not hesitate to ask. Our technicians are trained and certified to install these devices, and have done so for many residents in the Houston area!

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