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When your Fontana home or commercial property needs septic tank pumping or other septic plumbing and services, where do you turn? Join your neighbors in trusting the leading name for fast, reliable, and affordable plumbers: Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Inland Empire. We’re committed to providing the very best service to every customer, and thanks to our expert training and advanced equipment, we’re able to deliver long-lasting solutions.

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Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Inland Empire?

There’s a reason they call us Mr.® When you call our locally owned and operated plumbing business, you can expect the following and more:

  • 24/7 Availability – We are here for you around the clock, even on weekends and holidays, because plumbing emergencies don’t always wait for regular business hours.
  • Affordability – Plumbing issues are already a bummer; they shouldn’t be a drain on your wallet, too. We offer upfront, flat-rate pricing and never charge extra for weekends, holidays, or after-hours emergencies.
  • Cleanliness – We respect you and your property, and one of the ways we show that is by using mats and protective gear to keep our work area tidy, plus we always clean up after ourselves before we leave.
  • Guaranteed Parts and Service – We provide solutions that last, and we back that up with a guarantee. We stand behind any work we perform and any parts we use, so you can trust us to make it right if there’s ever an issue.
  • Reliable Plumbers – Our experienced plumbers receive ongoing training to keep their skills sharp, and every member of our team is fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind.
  • Total Customer Satisfaction – It’s important to us that your experience with Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Inland Empire is a positive one. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our service, let us know, and we’ll make it right.

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How Often Do Septic Tanks Need to Be Pumped?

Generally speaking, septic tanks should be pumped at least once every three to five years. However, many individual factors can influence the recommended frequency for your tank. In any case, regular maintenance is essential to prevent many issues.

If you live in an area without a centralized sewer system, you likely have one of these underground wastewater treatment structures. Septic tanks have a finite amount of space to hold waste, so they must be pumped from time to time to make room for proper operation.

It’s essential to ensure your Fontana septic tank receives the regular maintenance and service it needs. Ongoing maintenance can help prevent and avoid the need for potentially costly repairs. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Inland Empire can perform regular septic tank inspections to ensure your system is clear and functioning correctly.

We’ll perform an initial inspection and give you a recommendation on how frequently you should pump your septic system. We’re happy to set you up with a regular maintenance schedule to keep your septic system in tip-top shape.

How Do You Know When Your Septic Tank Is Full?

To the untrained eye, septic systems are complex and not particularly intuitive, so it’s a smart move to schedule regular inspections with a licensed plumber. It’s essential to make sure everything is properly working to prevent costly or destructive backups or other failures.

Problems can arise without a clear indication of the underlying cause. Our Fontana plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Inland Empire can promptly diagnose the issue to ensure your water source stays safe and clean. However, one of the most common causes of septic tank issues is that it is full.

If you notice any of these signs or symptoms, your septic tank may be full, and it’s time for a visit from our plumbers:

  • Sewage backup – Perhaps the most obvious sign that your septic tank is full, but also one of the most disruptive, a sewage backup has the potential to be a health hazard. Call us right away to quickly address the issue.
  • Slow drains – Drain clogs are the most common cause of slow drains, but if you have your drains cleaned and they are still slow to clear, it may be an indication that your septic tank needs to be pumped.
  • Foul odors – A full septic tank often produces gases that give off a foul odor, which seeps into your home through your drains. If you notice bad smells coming from your drains, schedule a septic tank service immediately. These odorous gases usually come from a buildup of harmful bacteria, so it’s important to quickly take care of it.
  • Standing water – Pooled, standing water near your septic tank could mean solid waste is clogging your drain field piping system. A common occurrence when the tank is full, is the clog forces water to the surface, indicating your tank is overdue for service.
  • Uneven lawn health – While a clogged septic system often forces water to the surface, it doesn’t always create standing puddles. Sometimes it results in particularly lush green grass near your septic tank, thanks to the additional moisture. If your yard is inexplicable and healthy only near the septic system, it’s time to call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Inland Empire for service.

Unaddressed problems with your septic tank have the potential to ruin your plumbing and sewer systems, so it’s vital to enlist professional plumbers to inspect and service your septic system often. A well-maintained system can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and damage in the long run.

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