Leaking Pipe Repair in Adrian, MI

Fast, Professional Leaking Pipe Repair

If you notice warning signs of a leaking pipe, you need to act fast to prevent water waste and water damage. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Irish Hills, we specialize in fast, non-destructive leak detection. We can use our plumbing video inspection cameras to determine where a leak is, what is causing it, and how bad it is. As soon as you see signs of a leak on your property, call our 24/7 answering service to schedule leaking pipe repair in Adrian, Jackson, or Brooklyn, MI. We also offer sewer and gas pipe leak repairs.

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Watch for Signs of Pipe Leaks

Many pipe leaks are obvious, as you will hear or see water leaking or find signs of flooding. However, you can have a hidden pipe leak, especially if the pipe is underground, behind a wall, under a concrete slab, in your basement, or in a remote area of your yard. If you schedule pipe leak repairs quickly enough, you can avoid further damage to your home, high utility bills, and inconvenience to your household. Call us to schedule sewer or water pipe leak repair if you notice these signs of a pipe leak:

  • Increase in water bill with no increase in usage
  • Mold or mildew spots on walls, ceilings, baseboards, or floors
  • Sagging or warping tile or wood flooring
  • Peeling or bubbling paint, wallpaper, or plaster
  • Cracks in walls or foundation
  • Soggy or rotted wood
  • Brown or black stains or spots on walls or ceilings
  • Loose fittings around your toilet, tub, or other plumbing fixtures
  • Rust or corrosion on or near plumbing fixtures
  • Changes in water pressure
  • No water or no hot water
  • Discolored or cloudy water
  • Water that tastes or smells strange
  • A musty, moldy, or sewer smell inside or outside your home
  • Dirty water backing up in your sink, tub, or shower
  • More than one clogged drain
  • Soggy spots or puddles in your yard
  • Unexplained pools of water in your home
  • Bubbling, hissing, or clanging sounds from pipes

The Importance of Sewer & Gas Pipe Leak Repairs

A gas line leak can be hazardous to your health and safety. Waiting too long to report a gas line leak increases the risk of fire, explosion, and health issues. As soon as you notice warning signs of a gas leak, you should leave your home and contact the gas company to turn off your gas. You should then call our team to begin gas pipe leak repairs. Look for these warning signs of a gas line break or leak:

  • Rotten egg or sulfur smell
  • Hissing or whistling sounds from pipes, gas appliances, or gas meter
  • Increase in the gas bill with no increase in usage
  • Dead or dying plants around the gas meter, or dead houseplants
  • White or dusty clouds near the gas line
  • Bubbles in puddles in the yard
  • Corrosion or damage to the gas line
  • Physical health problems associated with a gas leak: breathing trouble, dizziness, fatigue, lightheadedness, flu-like symptoms, headaches, eye and throat irritation, depression, nausea, nosebleeds, chest pain, reduced appetite, ringing in the ears, pale skin, or blistering of the skin

A sewer line leak should also be inspected and repaired right away. A broken or clogged sewer line can cause a sewer system backup, which is messy, inconvenient, and can pose health issues. If you schedule sewer line repairs early enough, your repairs might be faster, easier, and less expensive. You can also lower your downtime without access to your plumbing.

Our Residential Leaking Pipe Repair Services

We offer leak detection services, leaking pipe repair services, and pipe replacement for plumbing fixtures and appliances like water heaters, stoves and ovens, washing machines, dishwashers, sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, and utility sinks. We also offer services for the following:

  • Sewer lines
  • Gas lines
  • Water lines
  • Pipes

Prevent Future Leaks

You can prevent future leaks by scheduling preventive plumbing maintenance services. Preventive plumbing maintenance includes weatherizing and insulating pipes to prevent freezing and bursting, inspecting plumbing lines regularly for leaks and damage, sealing joints and tightening fittings, and measuring water pressure regularly. We offer the Mr. Rooter Plumbing Advantage Plan, which makes it easier to schedule preventive plumbing maintenance services so your plumbing stays in great shape. You get priority scheduling on drain cleaning, hydrojetting services, plumbing inspections, leak detection, and more.

Schedule Pipe Leak Repair in Adrian, MI

Call us today or contact us online to schedule pipe leak repairs in Adrian, Jackson, or Brooklyn, MI. Our experienced team can quickly detect leaks and diagnose their cause. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Irish Hills will find the fastest and most effective solution for providing water and gas pipe leak repairs.

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