Treating Residential Sewer System Backups in Adrian, MI

Expert Sewer System Unclogging Services

Sewer system backups cause foul odors and unsanitary living conditions. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Irish Hills offers sewer system backup repairs for Adrian, MI. Many sewage systems face tree root intrusions and other issues, leading to unhealthy problems. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services to address your sewage system backup issues. Our sewer system backup services help avoid environmental concerns, health threats, and property contamination. Call us as soon as possible!

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Common Sewer System Backup Signs

Catching a sewer system clog as soon as possible can help stop it from becoming a severe problem. The most common sewer system backup signs include the following:

  • Multiple slow-moving drains
  • Foul odors around drains
  • Water backup in drains
  • Gurgling sounds coming from the plumbing
  • Pools of water near your basement floor drain

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Tree Root Intrusion Services

Tree roots commonly cause sewage system clogs because they find hydration in condensation and leaks around your pipes. The roots break through holes and tiny cracks to reach moisture in your sewage system. We provide the following clog services for tree root intrusions:

  • Hydro jetting – Hydro jetting is an excellent solution that uses pressurized water to blast through any debris in your pipes.
  • Rooter Work & Drain Cleaning – We punch through your sewer lines to clear the lines and then recommend permanent solutions based on the severity of your clogs.
  • Pipe Lining – We avoid damaging your lawn by using a “sleeve” to seal the sewer pipe seamlessly to prevent water leakage.
  • Pipe Bursting – We break apart your sewer pipe hydraulics to install seamless pipes.
  • Maintenance – Preventative plumbing maintenance helps catch clogs before they become significant issues.

When Do I Call the Plumbing Professionals?

The best time to contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Irish Hillsis when you first notice signs of a sewage backup. We will try traditional ways of unclogging your problems with a drain auger or cable device. We will resort to advanced plumbing techniques if your clog does not budge. We can unclog drains filled with debris, soap residue, tree roots, toilet paper, or any other items. Trust our plumbing professionals to unclog your sewage system.

Signs of a Septic System Backup

Septic system backups should receive immediate attention to help prevent contamination. The most common signs you may have a septic system backup include the following:

  • Black liquid with a foul odor in your toilet
  • Foul smell throughout your home
  • Slow-flushing toilet
  • Pooled wastewater near your septic system
  • Unusual green grass growing over your septic system
  • Multiple slow-draining drains
  • Algae growing in the ponds near your home
  • Bacteria in your water well

Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Irish Hills

With our plumbing maintenance services, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Irish Hillswill help you prevent a sewer system backup. We service Jackson, Marshall, Summit City, and Hudson, MI. If you notice any signs of clogged sewage lines, our 24/7 emergency plumbing team is here for you. We recommend planting new trees away from your home’s absorption field to help prevent tree root intrusions. Contact us today to schedule and request a job estimate.

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